First Post

Hi – standard start for first post really.

Today I will mainly be writing about things that I think maybe this baby might ask me when it is older – notwithstanding how much the world changes in the time it takes to grow a fully-fledged human.

So I’ve quit my job at a place that was making me rather unhappy – being pregnant is ok, and being a broadcast engineer is great, but somehow the two together aren’t good bedfellows. – Don’t even get me started on lead-free solder!

So other things in my life at the moment, well I’ve been playing Splinter Cell – Chaos Theory, which is now giving me rather disturbing dreams, and urges to creep around the house to see if I can get past doorways without my husband spotting me – not an un-useful skill you might say! Oh I’d better mention lunabean as it’s rather helpful, and so far the only free coop guide we’ve found to get round some bloody frustrating sections.

I’m also planning to write about the books I’ve been reading, the music I’ve been listening to and the odd film that might be worth mentioning, so that this child can explain everything to the psychiatrist with ease.

I have to go and get some plugins first, so, for now, adieu.