25 weeks

OK, so it’s not very chronological, seeing as I’m now in the 27th week, but we had a bit of network problems in the home. (more on that later, chronologically 😉 ).

Here is a pic of me at 25 weeks, it’s not a very flattering picture, but I guess it’s sufficient for record-keeping.


As you can see, I’m trying to keep with the beach theme. This picture was taken at West Runton beach, which is just to the west of Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast. Many fossils and dinosaur bones have been found here, also Mammoth bones! I found a decomposing dolphin pup on the beach, which was a bit sad. I didn’t take a picture. It was about 1m20cm long. Other than that, this part of the British Coastline is really wonderful – quite varied. This particular stretch has lots of rockpools.




So here it is – the three month barrier. From now on, I can expect to expand rapidly, and start to worry about this: ofp.

A note about breast pads – ewwwwwwwwwww I hear you scream, but it’s important advice. I’d bought some disposable ones, just until I’d got over the horror, and then decided to buy the washable ones, which come with a handy “washbag” so they don’t block up your washing machine. HOWEVER, I don’t know if they get softer after a wash, but when I first tried them out – they are really stiff! It looked like I’d put a satellite dish in each cup! So I’ve bought a box of 100 disposables to tide me over until I can face the re-usables again, which of course will be cheaper in the long run. Maybe a good soaking in fabric softener will help – will keep you posted…


Oral Allergy Syndrome

I’m not mad – it does actually exist!

I ate half a delicious apple last night, when suddenly, within 10 minutes, developed really sore gums, lips, and worst of all throat. My throat swelled like having a really bad throat infection – very uncomfortable. I have had this type of reaction to apples, nectarines, carrots, cherries and hazelnuts. But I am fine with cashew nuts, peanuts, and most other fruit and veg – still undecided about peas. The reaction only occurs with the offending articles eaten RAW. This is exactly as stated in the following websites:

website 1
website 2
a uk site

Here is a synopsis:
“Oral Allergy Syndrome

The Oral Allergy Syndrome is a fascinating disease entity. It has more recently been renamed Pollen-Food allergy syndrome. In this condition, Hayfever patients sensitised to pollen develop oral allergic symptoms to certain fruits and vegetables. This occurs in up to 40% of all Hayfever sufferers who are allergic to birch or grass pollen. Once sensitised to the pollen, they develop allergy to similar allergens found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Symptoms occur within a few minutes of contact and are almost always localised to the mouth and oro-pharynx with lip and oral itching. Oral swelling with occasional glottic oedema may ensue. Patients do not react to cooked fruit or vegetables. The Birch pollen-Apple Oral Allergy syndrome is the commonest seen in the UK.” (from: a surrey allergy centre)

I haven’t yet found out what the implications are for pregnancy, or for offspring, so any suggestions would be most welcome.

The baby continues throughout my trials to be extremely active, and I’m sure could do with its nails clipping, as things are starting to feel rather sharp in there!


midwife appointment

So, I had my 26-week midwife appointment today. She took some more blood, measured the bump (which was perfectly-sized) and listened to the heartbeat, and incidentally some hiccups.

In answer to our questions: there’s nothing wrong with an extremely active baby – means healthy and lots of energy (not a sign of epilepsy as I had begun to worry). Though she did say, while it was kicking the heartbeat microphone out of her hand, that babies tend to be the same once they are born, so we would probably have an extremely active baby – great. I hope it doesn’t take after its maternal uncle in that respect…

The “stitch” I get down one side when I walk is just my ligaments complaining, and asking me not to walk so much, so I need to keep stopping and resting. Otherwise everything was perfect and she told me to keep being healthy!


new laptop & 1st hiccups


I have a new laptop! It’s great. Really fast (well compared to my old one). It also got here really quickly. We ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered at 8am Wednesday morning! Fantastic. Dell rock! It has a 1.3GHz processor and 512Mb of RAM. It’s an Inspiron 1200, and came in at £479 all-in, including posting and VAT. It runs XP (yuk) but we’re considering dual-booting with Ubuntu. Also, trying to find a good email client, as Thunderbird was a bit slow and cumbersome… any ideas?

SO other great news, well if you can call it that, the baby has started having hiccups! It’s very gentle, but I can’t sleep while it goes on, as I feel I should do something!!


fixing and learning

I had a quick go at fixing David’s powerbook yesterday. He has had some trouble with the bottom third of the screen flickering on and off very badly. Took it apart following these instructions: www.pbfixit.com/Guide/54.11.0.html They are very detailed and very good instructions – highly recommended.

When it was apart, I cleaned the contacts, and re-plugged a few cables, and we even buzzed out what looked like the main cable between machine and display. When we put it all back together again, it seemed to be much better, it flickered only slightly and then stopped. However after a journey to work on the bus it wouldn’t boot at all, which turned out to be a RAM problem. But the worst thing is that the screen is flickering again. The trouble is, everything looked ok inside. The only subject of suspicion were some screws that were loose, which I tightened. Will keep posting if we get anywhere.

The great news is that David finally broke the last thread of power cord keeping my elderly laptop alive (though he claims he didn’t!) which means that the extravagance of buying a new laptop for me became a necessity. I won’t go on about it until I get it, as I am sure to go on about it then!

I’m still looking into studying A-level maths, I found this site: www.learning-at-home.co.uk which looks promising, but it’s £300 not including exam fee! Ouch!

Not much to report on the baby front, though it already looks like it could break out any minute, alien-stylee, and I’m sure it has managed to smuggle sharp objects into the cabin!


pregnancy food

I thought it best to write a bit about what sort of thing I’m eating at the moment. I’ve been eating quite a lot of strawberries, as they are in season, so affordable, and, unlike a lot of other fruit, they doesn’t hurt my mouth. I seem to have a problem with: raw carrots, apples, nectarines, cherries, hazelnuts and possibly almonds, though, I’m not certain. These things make my mouth sore and puffy, and if I keep on eating them, it develops into spasms going down my oesophagus, which feels like someone is sticking a sword into my chest and twisting it – it’s excruciating pain. At the same time you salivate a lot and can’t bear to swallow, so a spitoon is a useful handbag accessory.

Pineapple and cashew nuts seem to be fine, painful only to the wallet in this country, where most of the indigenous nuts are people. I have also, thanks to my colleague, Maria, been re-introduced to sunflower seeds, dry-roasted in a frying-pan and sprinkled with Soy Sauce and left to dry. Yum. It takes me back to the days of picking the sunflower seeds out of my guinea-pigs’ food bowl, shelling and eating them!

Speaking of which, I’m extremely excited to be piggy-sitting for a few weeks this summer. I’ve looked after these two before:


They are very cute. I hope they are in good voice, as I’d love the baby to hear guinea-pig speak while they are being cuddled – it must be one of the most soothing sounds in the world! Forget whale song, this is great therapy!

Back to food, which is what I was really talking about. With pregnancy, in a lot of cases, comes constipation. I’ve not been too bad so far, but a little uncomfortable at times, so I had the bright idea of eating prunes. I don’t like prunes, but I persevered through 7 or 8 of the buggers. BE WARNED: yes they get things moving, but you will produce more gas than it took to fly the hindenberg, with what feels like similar effects! It’s not the embarrassing, or fun gas that can be dealt with using a disposable lighter. No, my friends, it is painful!! Indeed much worse than the constipation the prunes were meant for in the first place. My advice is to eat only one or two per lifetime, with caution.

So after re-living that particular misery, something that made me laugh, looking through all the ridiculous products marketed at pregnant women and the newly-born, i found this:


I mean, good grief!

I’ve finally finished the three Artemis Fowl books I had and am ready to start my latest Terry Pratchett:

Darwin\'s Watch: Science of Discworld III

This promised to be pretty hard-going as two rather clever people have already warned me! I can’t wait…


visible kicks

So, I’m 24 weeks gone, and found some time to introduce beethoven the baby’s newly hardened ear bones. It’s just heard Symphonies 1-3. It was kicking madly this morning, so I seized the waking time to play the symphonies – the Eroica seemed to calm it down. It has now heard:

Bach’s French suites,
Mozart’s 41st Symphony,
Beethoven symphonies 1-3.


Back online

So, after being offline for a few weeks – moving home, I’m back on the blog.

The baby is really sticking out now, well it should be at 5 months, though it apparently only weighs 1lb. It has already been swimming in the med after a visit to doting grandparents-to-be in Vilanova.

It has also heard it’s first Mozart, and Bach, though didn’t seem terribly impressed. It has however been reacting to the xbox game “Pariah” which David and I are playing – jumping at the sound of the sniper rifle.

I personally, and therefore the bump to some extent have been listening to a CD that I made for it, track listing:
01. Dry Bones – Ames Brothers
02. Baby on Board – The B Sharps (from The Simpsons)
03. Jolene – Dolly Parton
04. Road – Nick Drake
05. By the Sea – Morcheeba
06. Captain Kidd – Waterson Carthy
07. Police Dog Bonfire – Lazyboy
08. “Cold Feet” theme
09. Teardrop – Massive Attack
10. Sound – James
11. The Italian Job – Opening Titles (From the American Re-make)
12. Far Out – Blur
13. The Pikachu Song (small excerpt)
14. La Belle Dame sans Regrets – Sting
15. Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
16. Higher than the sun – Primal Scream
17. Karmacoma – Massive Attack
18. I Think I’m In Love – Spiritualized (Chemical Brothers remix).

In the car we often listen to “Come to me” by Björk, but a wicked remix by Black Dog, with a pumping bass, so the baby should be born able to count to 4 at least!

As to books, I’ve been really bad at keeping track of what books I’ve been reading, but this is the second to last one I just read, which seemed a bit convoluted, but good thought-provoking stuff:
The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady\'s Illustrated Primer

I’ve now stared on the Atremis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer:Artemis Fowl which are excellent.

Last thing before I go, we had a scan at 22 weeks, and this is what it looks like: