music to watch chavs go by

heh – was just reading the wikipedia entry for “chav” (here) when I followed the link to the bbc article about playing music to keep kids away. We recently did a piece about a supermarket in our region which played Frank Sinatra on loudspeakers outside to keep the teenagers from “hanging out” and intimidating customers!


caffeine and more about gas

I thought I’d just advance my opinion on de-caff. We have filter coffee every morning, and have found a de-caff version which isn’t too bad, thought I find it leaves my mouth very dry. There was less success with tea though, the decaff version tastes very powdery, and I’ve not been tempted to try it again, though I will persevere if I suddenly feel like drinking tons of tea…

Also, following sensible advice, and a common pregnancy problem… I decided to eat some bran flakes to keep things on the move, but again, I just get bad gas. There was a time I only had to picture the All-bran box for my guts to sort themselves out, but these days it is more of a struggle! No wonder this poor baby has hiccups all the time… maybe there’s some sort of gas-gene that is hereditary?


last 2 months..

Well, it’s only 2 months to go, bt still seems a very long way away. I’m starting to feel a little less well now, things are starting to get a bit painful, and fatigue and lethargy are constantly tugging at me.

I think we’ve got nearly everything we need except some vests, a pram/pushchair, oh , and the whole nappy thing! Mustn’t forget a changing mat…

I thought i’d post this picture, as it makes me smile. It’s from one of our trips to IKEA, when we bought the display model cot. David looked so funny pushing it around on the trolley!
david with cot


Gas. Yesterday I was in lots of pain – bad enough to make me sweat. And I think it was only gas! I can only put it down to the fact that things are a bit squashed in there and the bowel motion is much slower than usual, which is why I couldn’t get rid of it. I’d had a tummy upset in the morning, though I haven’t figured out what I ate that could have caused that, but I managed to eat some toast before work and a sandwich at lunchtime, but then I simply had this awful agony for the whole afternoon, into the early evening. It reached a peak when I finished work at 7, so I staggered home. Luckily David was home and ran me a bath (mostly boilt me a bath on the stove actually!) and once I’d moved around, had some bland dinner, and sank into the bath I felt much better. I’m ashamed to say the bath became a jacuzzi occasionally.

Anyway, the gas theme is quite appropriate, as I’ve begun to read:
H2O: A Biography of Water

It starts off talking about the universe, and of course clouds of gases! It looks really interesting, though it has to take the big bang almost for granted at the start, and it also has to explain basics of chemistry to begin with. It looks like it will go into detail about the strange properties of water later on, which is the bit i’m looking forward to! New Scientist says it’s a “compelling read” which probably sums up what sort of book it is.


slowing down…

A mixture of ups and downs to report. I’ll start with the worries…

I think I did read somewhere that this is normal, but the baby doesn’t seem to be kicking as hard anymore. If I did read this, I think it was qualified by the fact that the space is becoming more cramped, so the baby doesn’t have as much room in which to jump about. It’s definitely moving around, and still kicking a bit, but not as powerfully as before, and not as often. In fact it only really seems to give me a few prods when I’m really relaxed (like lying in bed) or really tense (like doing sound for Look East). Otherwise, it’s keeping fairly quiet. It still gets the hiccups a lot.

Onto the brighter side:
While lying awake with insomnia last night, I actually felt ok about not getting much sleep. It was as if I’d resigned myself to it, and have come to terms with the fact that, really, this is how sleep will be for the best part of the next year for one reason or another. It doesn’t really affect me at work – I just feel tired, but not shakey, and I just try to snatch sleep whenever possible at home.

One more thing, and I’m not sure if this is normal but my blood seems to obey the laws of gravity much more than before! When I lie on my side to sleep, after a short time, the skin on my hip starts to tingle and go numb, and I get a pink patch – like all the blood is collecting there. It gets quite uncomfortable, so I have to turn onto my other side, and then back again, and so on. And let me tell you, turning over in bed is no mean feet either – I must be burning tons of calories just turning 100 times each night! I can’t believe it’s because I’m heavier, I mean, what about people who weigh as much as I do now all the time – do they have this problem? I can’t believe it!

Grateful as always for any help and advice on this one…


Waiting for Gonzo…

Well, I’ve just about got used to the uncomfortable aspects of weighing a lot more, and the feeling of being too small on the outside and big on the inside!

I had a bit of a flap last night, reading “The Rough Guide to Pregnancy” where she talks about just how rough you feel in the first few weeks following the birth. Admittedly she had a caesarian, but the soreness, combined with not getting any sleep, and just feeling unable to cope made her really low. Also, most people I talk to say that they felt really rough for at least the first two weeks, and that’s with “normal” births! Anyway, this has started to worry me a lot, and how we as a couple will cope.

However, there is some good news with regards to this:

Thud! (Discworld S.)

If I can possibly save this until I go into labour (keeping an un-read Terry Pratchett in the house for more than 5 minutes can be a challenge) and take it with me into hospital, all might not be lost. I am also going to be collecting other books, and things to keep me cheerful, so do let me know if you see anything.

We spent our Mothercare vouchers the other day on some sheets, and some baby-towels and muslin squares. A colleague has given me tons of baby bottles, and a couple of un-used dummies, and breastmilk-freezer-bag-storage-system packs which is brilliant!

We just need to get some babygrows and a breast-pump, and I think we’re there! We also need some “thin cotton cellular blankets” which you layer on the cot according to temperature, but we may ebay for these.

Will try to write a bit more regularly – been working a lot – desperate fear of not having any money later!