still feeling good…

Well, I can only count myself lucky that I only have 4 weeks to go, and I don’t feel too bad! I can’t walk fast, but I get there in the end. The discomforts occur if I try to sit, stand or lie down for any length of time. Also, turning from one side to the other in bed feels like I need tugboats to help – it’s really difficult! The worst thing that happens is I get very bad sciatica pain – my leg gives out, and is instantaneously excruciatingly painful.

Otherwise, touch wood, I still feel pretty good! Maybe I’ll get some more shifts at work if I promise not to go into labour on the job…



Just wanted to announce a celebration of the fact that we have decided apon, and purchased a really great pushchair!


It was an absolute bargain from ebay! £38 in total. I’m so excited about it, I think it’s worth having, even without having a baby!


species survival

Good Grief!

“Even Dr Spock, the late paediatrician and best-selling author, cautioned in his first book that men are subject to “clumsiness” around babies” though he revised this in later editions…

Some of the stuff you read – it seems totally improbable that we managed to survive as a species!?! I can’t believe the rubbish you hear. Then again, watching another of the “how-to-be-a-parent” programmes that are being spewed out at the moment, I saw a mother of a 7-year-old talked with astonishment that she finally realised her child’s atrocious behaviour might have had something to do with the fact that when the boy got home from school, she turned the tele on to watch her gameshows and soaps, and he was just an irritation to be ignored!?!?! Surely that’s child abuse?!?! I think I will start a campaign for sterillisation of complete incompetents.

I’m not saying I’ll be the best parent in the world, but surely that’s going against a basic instinct to nurture your child?

Enough ranting about this…


8 months ago…

I found this picture and thought it worth documenting. This is the morning David found out he was going to be a dad…

I think his expression says it all!


bad thoughts and astronauts!

Good grief! I went swimming today, which was great, but it always takes me about half an hour to walk a 10 minute journey home. I’m sure I now know what astronauts feel like after 6 months on the space station getting back to earth and having to move around in earth’s gravity.

Also, seeing all the mothers in the baby pool, with little babies, has made me feel better again after last night’s “slightly-potty-moment” where I didn’t want to go through with birth, nor did I want “a baby” sleeping in my spare room next door. It’s ok, I feel normal again today, with natural excitement and anticipation that we’re going to have a baby. I think the parenting classes triggered all this anxiety, though I slept better than normal, having thought I would have nightmares til the day I died after watching the birthing video!

I’m also getting more used to the idea of giving up work. I’ve been really lucky in the way things have worked out, being freelance, there are starting to be days when there isn’t work for me, so I’ve at least had an introduction into becoming a house wife. For example, I had David’s dinner ready when he came home from work today – how housewifey is that!?! (OK, so it was only because he had to rush out again, but it’s a good start. I’m still terrified of the day when I know I won’t be going back to work for a long time… I’ve started reading the dictionary for a distraction, to pretend to myself I won’t go mad with boredom and loneliness. (is reading the dictionary going mad?)

I’ve been taking stock of what all we’ve got left to buy, and made a spreadsheet of the costs… there are other things I’d like to have, but this list contains the stuff I feel are pretty necessary…


The prices in green are estimates. After that, I can’t believe we’ll have to buy anything ever again!


the growing game

I have another picture for you, but this will have to be the last one in the “beached whale” series, as my poor non-maternity swimming costume is struggling to contain all of me. I think any further record-taking will have to be done avec vestments.