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I’ve had to disable comments on this blog for now, until I download a plugin that filters out spam, like we have on the family blog. Gutting, but too much spam.

Thomas has had his first jabs. Two injections – one in each thigh. He was so brave… he screeched when the actual injection happened, of course, but he stopped crying really quickly. Mum, on the other hand nearly needed the tissue box, but just managed to keep it together.

I hope to post more cool photos next post, but Christmas-present-wrapping has completely worn me out, so I have to go to bed.


bigger and bigger…

So Thomas has gone up a nappy-size, which feels like a milestone reached. We have also, unfortunately, bought some formula milk, which we plan to feed him once a day in the evenings. This feels like a bit of a failure on my part, but my pre-birth plans of having litres of breastmilk in the freezer for all and sundry to defrost and feed to him hasn’t quite come about. – There’s not as much of it as I thought, and it comes out very, very slowly! Still, he has tried his first formula yesterday, and it seemed to go down ok, though a 4oz bottle wasn’t enough for him! I managed to express 3oz at that sitting, so I can top that up today, and soon I might be able to express enough that we won’t need the formula.


thomas’ first word

Trout (pl.) in danish. He really did! Ok, so even his mum can’t say it properly, let alone begin to spell it, (can anyone help?) but I recognised it instantly when he said it. It was a bit random, seeing as he was watching me fold up the washing when he said it but I like to think he was being imaginative at the time!

Oh, and he gave our health visitor a big beaming smile today.

And last night I caught him staring at his hands, which is apparently another indicator of development.

So I’m filled with pride this morning. In fact lots of people comment on how alert he is – Sarah said he was very “with-it” for an 8-week old. (Like I said – she says all the right things!)


5 hours unbroken sleep!!

Thank God for husbands!

David let me sleep in the spare room last night, as we know Thomas can go without a feed for up to at least 7 hours, but still needs help falling back to sleep when he rouses at night. So I slept from 1am til 6am and I don’t think I even changed my body position. It still only felt like 5 minutes, of course, but I feel so much better today! Poor old David was a bit bleary-eyed this morning, but bearing-up well and has even offered to do it again!! WOOHOO!

I am reading a book called “What Mothers Do” What Mothers Do: Especially When It Looks Like Nothing

It’s a really good book for boosting confidence and should be handed out at the hospital with the bounty pack! It basically just points out all the stuff you are doing all day looking after a baby, to fight the “I don’t get anything done all day” feeling.

Speaking of boosting confidence, I have a fantastic mate, Sarah, who took time out of her busy day to meet me in her lunchbreak. We went to the BHS cafeteria, which isn’t glamorous, but perfect for my first expedition of this type. Sarah was brilliant – saying all the right things, like “Wow you look great!” and “Isn’t it really hard?” and she even paid for my meal! Thomas didn’t fall asleep on the way there, as I had hoped, but he was actually really good – just very very interested in his surroundings and Sarah’s face! He only really started crying when I put him back in the pram, with his dummy stuck in his neck (took us a while to figure that one out, but how we laughed when we realised!). I had my first real experience of people smiling at me cos I had a baby. So now I feel a bit better about going out and about, and not to worry about him crying a bit. I still have to get over the whole breastfeeding-in-public hurdle though. I ran home really fast when Thomas started screaming from hunger, rather than whip a boob out in the shopping mall. Our new mall, which I wasn’t in, has a good mother-and-baby room, with a chair so I expect I’ll get to use that in an emergency at some point.

Also, while I’m feeling good about husbands, I should also mention that David made a big bowl of Gespachio soup so that I can slurp some whenever I get a minute, to help me up my vegetable intake, which makes me realise I’m rather lucky in the husband department.



7 weeks…

So, Thomas and I have known each other 7 weeks, and I feel that we are really starting to communicate and understand each other a bit better. He has longer periods of being awake and content. I’ve also had more success with getting him to go to sleep in the cot, rather than in our arms – managed to sing him to sleep twice yesterday in the cot, and he is managing to go most of the night without a feed, though, he does need help resettling when he wakes himself up.

However, today he has a cold. He is really snuffly and snorting, and coughing a lot and David and I feel really sorry for him. Still, at the moment I don’t think there’s too much cause for concern – he’s feeding ok, and though he’s sleeping more than usual, that’s probably a good thing if he needs downtime to get better. Last night his coughing kept waking him up, so I had quite an interrupted night, though he almost always goes back to sleep with a dummy and a tummy-rub.

Funnily enough, there was an article on the news about dummies:


Thomas now weighs 4.39kg which is 9lb 11oz. He has started to make sounds other than crying which david and I manically try to copy back to him, as this apparently encourages speech development, and much hilarity between david and me. He has also started smiling at his mum – phew!

Here is a picture of him looking pretty bored of me taking pictures of him! bored

And here is a picture of him in his new Christmas outfit from Viv:
xmas suit

Better dash – he needs lots of cuddles while he’s poorly.