3 months on

So, Thomas is 3 months old, and in some respects it feels like a lifetime already!

I’m starting to feel like it isn’t such a shock to wake up and see this little being in my life.

Unfortunately his sleeping habits are much worse than they used to be – he had started sleeping 6 or 7 hours at a stretch, but then we went away, and now he’s back to waking every 3 hours. I’m exhausted, but things still are getting gradually better and better on the whole.

Thomas went swimming today for the first time – and he loved it!! He made happy cooing noises all the way through, even laughing when I stuck him under the shower when we got out. I wasn’t brave enough to put him under the water yet, but I need to think through the method for that first. I’m really glad it went so well, as I was scared that he would a) scream, b) poo or c) we would both fall over and get hurt! Thomas handled it really well, so I’m hopefully going to do it at least once a week.

I haven’t written about his trip to spain yet, but I’m going to pick a few photos and post about that when I get the chance. I might even document the procedure for getting a 2-month-old a passport, especially when none of his parents nor grandparents were born in this country!

Also, in myself I am feeling better. It seems that setting tasks and completing them gives me a real boost, and makes me feel like I’m coping. Installing a dual-boot XP/Ubuntu on my laptop is a good example. Even registering with a dentist seemed like a major project, and that’s been accomplished. Going to Spain would have terrified me before, but I can sort of lock the panic away long enough to deal with things, and then when everything turns out OK, I feel like I shouldn’t have worried anyway!

I’m reading two books alongside each other at the moment, which really compliment each other:

The Human Mind: And How to Make the Most of It and “Change your Mind” by Parmananda (which doesn’t appear to be available on Amazon). The Robert Winston starts off quite technical but is easily comprehensible, and as he is my hero at the moment, his style makes it easy reading, and extremely interesting. The “practical guide to meditation” the subtitle of the Parmananda book, is exactly that. At the beginning there are very simple, practical instructions, which, even if you don’t follow to the letter, are very useful. Later on in the book he goes more deeply into things that can be detrimental to thought. I know he talks about everything in relation to meditation, but I just apply it to being able to get through the day! I think these books are perfect weapons for battle against any baby blues and the accompanying insomnia!

Oh and one last note, I got a “parenting club” magazine sent to me from Boots, which had an article about “smug mummies”! The subtitle was: If Bridget Jones thought Smug Marrieds were bad, she should try crossing paths with Smug Mummies”. There’s a cartoon with one mum saying “Ever tried MumBaby Yoga?” and the other (with under-eye bags and screaming baby) thinking “Ever tried keeping your mouth shut?”. This made me feel better too.


Technical post!

WOW! It feels good to be able to write about something other than nappy rash and thumb-sucking progress! As I pointed out to someone today, there’s still an Elise under the milk-factory appearance.

Anyway, so, I thought I had a virus which was making my keyboard map incorrectly, so that the v and b key produced “vb” and the m and n key both produced “mn” and the space bar gave a carriage return. We tried tons of virus scans and cleaning and fixes, to no avail. Finally I decided to format the whole thing and start again.

So, I’m installing XP, and tried to enter the product key, when – aaaargh- problem re-occurs!!! So of course it’s not a virus at all!!! I phoned Dell who talked me through re-seating the keyboard (will let you know cost of phonecall when bill comes through!). So it’s FIXED.

Still it gave me the opportunity to install a dual boot with Ubuntu linux. I managed the whole thing by myself, using this video tutorial

Ubuntu is so easy to use!! I managed to configure the network connection myself (in fact for most people it does it automatically) and also installing new programs is really easy. Even easier than apt-get install, using the Synaptic package manager. So I’m dead happy with it, in fact I’m almost dreading the reboot into windows to install all the programs i need that can’t run in linux. I just need to get the wireless card working in Ubuntu and everything will be sorted.