Just yet another picture. Notice his name across his chest! Of course he shares his name with a rather famous “Tank Engine”.


We went swimming for the second time yesterday. He seemed to enjoy himself. He was also so good, considering he was really tired – he didn’t fuss, just zonked out as soon as I got him in the car! He has started to enjoy lying on his front and kicking now. This morning he even managed to flip himself from his front to his back, though I think it was a fluke, and, it scared him so much he howled for a bit afterwards!

Seems to me, all the advice regarding cot death boils down to the baby waking up easily. I think babies sleep more heavily on their front in a nice warm room with nice warm snuggly clothing. This means that if they have any problems they may not wake up… whereas if they are on their backs, which they don’t seem to like much, and kept fairly cool with minimum bedding, they will wake up much more easily. I think the cot-death prevention is a trade-off with a good night’s sleep. Of course there’s no choice between them, but I hear so many examples of this sort of thing. One example I heard at Mother-and-baby group, is someone who’s son never usually slept for very long, staying at his grandma’s house. When mum returned the grandma said “oh he slept all afternoon – we put the pram next to the radiator”. Of course mum was horrified that he’d been put next to the radiator, but on the other hand, the baby got a good long kip out of it!

Well, it looks like Thomas and I will be braving horizontal sleet on the way to mother-and-baby this afternoon. I’d better go and sort through his many wardrobes (plastic-bags) of clothes to find really warm stuff.


weaning debate…

So the DoH says their digestive system isn’t ready until 6 months. Apparently early weaning can cause obesity?? But Health visitors and everyone who has had children in the last five years, says 4 months. It’s a tricky one…

I think Thomas is definitely ready. He watches me intently whenever I eat something, sometimes even licking his lips and salivating! He also happily let me try the weaning spoon in his mouth, and we’ve actually given boiled water a go. which didn’t give him any problems. But, I’m terrified that he will get digestive problems if I try too early, as I’ve been plagued with a troublesome tummy most of my life. So what to do?? I think I shall wait til we’ve made our trip to Denmark anyway, – don’t want to add extra complications to something as important as a new feeding technique! (not to mention the increased smelliness of nappies that ensues!).

Anyway, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of him getting used to the spoon.



Big smiles

So, I’ve been wanting to take a good pic of thomas, and in a strange way, digital photography is harder than the old style. Of course you can do a lot with photo editing these days, so this picture has been processed using GIMP. But I have some film left in my old 35mm point-and-shoot so I think I shall use that up and then maybe get a black and white film for it. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture.



tiny thomas

I was looking through some photos and I just had to post this one. It already seems unbelievable that he was ever that small!



new pushchair

So our 2nd bargain ebay purchase from seller “dbnurserygoods”. For £39.49 including postage, we got a pushchair to replace the pram.
new pushchair

He looks awfully small in it, but I guess he’ll grow! We really like it. It came with a raincover, which I missed for the old pram, but I’m hoping to buy a “cosytoes” footmuff tomorrow, as you can buy generic ones. That should make it more snuggly for him. It’s much more compact than our previous model, which means much easier to transport – not a “two-piece” just a single “kick-and-collapse”, though, at the moment, probably because it’s so new, like in a recent sitcom, “kick-kick-kick-jump-up-and-down-on-and-then-collapse”. Anyway I really like it, though it hasn’t been out for a test run yet.

Also today I’m enjoying the benefits of “new” family, by which I mean not born with. I have just finished the last of my “Activia” yoghurts – 4 with prunes and 4 with cereal, which Farruca introduced to me in Spain, and have recently become available in england. I’m hoping they’ll help me with my various gut pains, and at the very least, they must be healthy. The second thing is I’m currently watching CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) which Jo introduced me to. CSI episodes are now the highlight of my week, and are important in maintaining track of weeks, now that weekdays are indistinguishable from weekends. (I have actually seen this episode before, but like it so much, am watching it again, and anyway, Thomas hasn’t seen this one). So thank goodness for in-laws!

Today we went to Mother-and-Baby group. We were taught about emergency first aid for babies. But the best bit was that Thomas was being so cute! I had laid him down on the blanket and he was playing and cooing, and smiling at everyone. He also started chatting up a girl called Yasmin, who proceeded to do synchronised dancing on the mat with him. It looked so funny – we were all in stiches! Also, one of the mums, Sophie, is the same age as me, which was a good ice-breaker. I felt that I made a bit of progress with “friend-making” with her and Yasmin’s mum.

Well, I’ll continue to report my little achievements and Thomas’ big ones, but he’s telling me to put him to bed now, so I’d best obey!


little by little…

So a couple of exciting developments in project Thomas:

He has started to roll onto his side and back again. Especially if I go to feed him lying down… he rolls himself to face me in anticipation!

He does his “mini-press-ups” when on his front, but I can’t leave him for long on his tummy as he refuses to relax his head down on its side, so he constantly struggles to keep his nose out of the carpet (well, blanket, actually) and then he gets tired and frustrated. I have only once managed to lay him on his front with his head sideways, and I however much I lie next to him, I can’t get him to do it again!

Another big step… I have introduced him to his weaning spoons, and he seems to like them a lot. he was happy to have them put in his mouth. He also held and played with them, trying to get them in his mouth himself. He even managed to transfer the spoon from one hand to the other, but this is the only time I’ve seen him do this with anything, so I shall wait a little before I can say he has “mastered” this skill.

I have also bought him a bottle-to-cup training beaker, which has a beaker-type mouthpiece, but it is soft, so he can still chew on it. He can’t drink a whole feed out of it, as he can’t control the flow yet, so chokes and splutters, but he has had fun taking sips of water out of it, and soaking himself from head to toe with it.

Worst of all he seems to need immunisations every 5 minutes! More coming up next week, poor chap.

Also, the Health Visitor says not to worry that he’s a bit small, as long as we get regular wet and dirty nappies, and he’s bright and alert. And not to worry that he doesn’t sleep much during the day, as long as he gets good chunks at night. She reckoned that babies get a lot more stimulation these days than they did 50 years ago, so they stay awake more.

Another episode in the saga of our flat – our pram got stolen from the lobby, because, the lift being out of order AGAIN, we left it there to save me hauling it up and down the stairs twice. I will one day post about all the different things that went wrong with the flat, and why you really don’t want a hopkins home, but that is a whole post on it’s own.

So it’s sad that the pram has gone, but as with all these things, you can’t dwell on it or they will build up and overwhelm you. I just hope that whoever has it now needed it more than we did. We are back bargain-hunting on ebay, and will let you know what we get. (we’ve gone for something much lighter!)



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