like kissing, but not…

Another step towards social integration is what we think might be Thomas trying to give us a kiss. He gets the idea vaguely, and even closes his eyes, as if deeply moved by the emotion of the moment, but then fails at the final fence: he opens his mouth and takes as much of whatever part of your face he has landed at, into his mouth, and then pauses, and then resumes normal activity. The result is a very slobbery and somehow unsatisfied feeling…



I’ve just noticed how the quality of my posts really suffers when I haven’t been posting regularly! Also, my mood really affects the style! You can really tell when I’m miserable and pissed off! Luckily I’ve not really had enough time to post all my miseries, so I can mention the low moments without the overwhelming despair!

I had a moment last week where I felt that I was either AT work, or doing housework, and Thomas hardly featured in my life at all! But at a calmer moment, I realise that that isn’t true, and I still get plenty of him at night!

Speaking of nights, I have had yet more advice to “let him cry”. And this was from someone whose baby was really poorly to begin with, so now while Thomas screams in the cot, I just think about how much harder it must be for parents who actually have something to worry about, rather than just a healthy pair of lungs and a stubborn disposition! This has renewed my efforts to be strict, and it seems to be working again. Last night Thomas cried for about 45 minutes, and when I finally checked on him, I couldn’t find his Winnie-the-Pooh! I checked all around the cot, and finally found him in the bin! I’ve heard of them throwing the teddy out of the pram, but surely his aim can’t be that good! ?

Anyway, we are establishing a new routine now. He goes to bed between 8 and 9pm. If he was too tired to get a really good feed at bedtime, I give him a good feed at about 10 or 11 if he wakes up. Then we give him a bottle of formula when he wakes at about 2am (or if he wakes an hour either side). When he wakes up again after the bottle we let him cry himself back to sleep, which takes about 15 minutes. Then at around 6am, I take him into bed with me and feed him. He stays with us until he wakes up and starts to want to crawl about at around 8am when he gets put in his cot, and plays by himself until he gets so bored and loud that one of his parents can’t take it any more and gets up!

This seems to be working at the moment, and I feel we are getting a bit more sleep. I expect that the time he wakes and we ignore him, usually around 3 or 4am, will disappear, as he won’t bother to wake. When we’re sure he doesn’t need it, we’ll phase out the bottle feed. (last night he drank a fulll 7oz, and had to be topped up on the breast, so I think he was genuinely hungry.) Also, eventually I’ll start putting him back in the cot at 6am, and then phase that feed out too. It still seems to be an awful lot of goings-on in the night for a 9 month-old.


There, upon the stair…

So, while I’ve been busy forgetting to document Thomas’ various developments and progress, he took us completely by surprise this morning! Yesterday, aged 9 months and 1 week, he managed to climb up his first step on the stairs. Today, while I was upstairs and David was downstairs, I heard Thomas shouting, so I kept saying “just a minute, Thomas, I’ll be there inna sec”. When I went to go downstairs, there he was – halfway up the stairs!! Scared his dad half to death! So Thomas was actually shouting, “Look at me!! I can do this!”


paddling pool…

So I wanted to show you just how much Thomas enjoys his paddling pool. I’m glad, as I still feel guilty that we didn’t take him to waterbabies classes…





a woman’s place…

…is as a bubble-machine!

Here mum and I were desperately blowing-bubbles as fast as we could!



star babysitter alert

So that funny man came round to visit again, and really the pics say it all…


It’s hard to tell who was having the most fun!


little by little

I’ve decided that I need to add posts more often, and in fact every day. I feel that with most things, and especially if any creativity is involved, a little bit each day is the best way to improve a skill. Also, I’ve had a barrier to break, as I’ve felt i needed to post a photograph every time I write something, but of course that is quite limiting, and ultimately, unnecessary. I mean, if i only post a photo every few days, which I was doing, then it won’t matter if I blether-on in the days in between!

Thomas is going from strength to strength. He is really getting about on his feet, by using anything around to support himself – furniture, people’s legs. I swear he even practices walking around the outside of his cot in the early hours – yes, leg-practice must be dead important to an 8-month-old if he wants to get up at 5am every morning to get his daily stint in. I had sort of expected the walking-around-holding-onto-the-furniture to come when he’s a bit older to be honest, but i’m not grumbling, maybe he’ll be able to read his own books soon too…

Thomas has also discovered that if he perseveres a little further along the piano, and THEN pulls himself up he can play really high notes. It was great to watch how hilarious he found this – I think he had been expecting low notes, as he was used to, so when high tinkly notes happened, he grinned from ear to ear.

As for me, my friends from university came up to visit me, and I had the best time ever! I feel totally regenerated!! In fact, I told someone the other day that I was 30, and they not only said I didn’t look it, but that I looked fresh out of university! So I’m grateful to have such good friends, who can last across seperations of time and space.

David is on tenterhooks as he waits to hear from the AHRC as to wether or not our lives take the smooth easy flume, or the hard rocky climb for the next couple of years – and he was pointing out MY grey hairs!!



So we tried a new game this afternoon:

This pack of 100 balls only cost about a fiver, which I think is pretty good value. We haven’t got as far as getting a paddling pool yet, but we just improvised with the laundry basket! As you can see Thomas didn’t mind a bit!


more babies!

I just wanted to post this picture, as cuddling two babies at the same time is pretty much twice as nice as just the one! I was lucky enough to get a cuddle with little baby Alice, and had to stick an arm out to prevent Thomas rampaging in the flowerbeds! twobabies

It made me want to have twins, or more! Thanks to Alice’s mum, Sophie, for the picture: a mum like me who craves a sleep that lasts more than 2 hours…


walk in the park…

walk in the park

yesterday I was having one of those days where you barely have the energy to lift a coffee cup, so was staring at the wall, letting the washing-machine wash clothes for me. By 4.30 in the afternoon, I realised it was simply far too nice outside for poor old Thomas to be stuck indoors, so pulled myself together and thought we’d see how far the nice park was from ours.

On the way, we had a good nose in the charity shop, bought some local strawberries for 99p, and best of all, bumped into a girl I met through various baby-people! She had just been to the park, and lives about as far away as I do! She had just been speaking to someone whose baby wakes every hour-and-a-half at night, and is nearly 9 months old!! So that made us both feel much better! (it’s a terrible business, motherhood). Anyway, I took her number and we might both go along to our local parent-and-baby group on Monday.

Continuing to the park, I found out that it was actually much much closer than I’d thought. At the park, I heard a french mother, then met a german woman, a GP actually, (oooOOOooh!) whose husband is french! I met a greek haematologist, whose wife is Argentinian! And before I left, I heard a mum speaking a language I had no idea what was! Who’d have thought – the united nations in our little park in Norwich! ? ! Best of all, the German GP lives in the street next to ours, and her baby is a couple of months older than Thomas, so we’ll probably bump into each other again at some point.

I came home feeling much much better about life, and mums generally. Oh, and Thomas got a go on the swings, so that was ok too, best beloved. 😉