rough seas

So, i haven’t posted for a while because my Bedstemor died on the 14th August. I still can’t really believe that she’s gone, even though I went to the funeral and have seen her name on the gravestone.

Thomas and I have been in Denmark for the last couple of weeks, and everything went as well as these things can go. Thomas was so well-tempered and behaved impeccably for the whole trip, including during the funeral service, including while he had a high fever and was feeling poorly, and he came home with a small bud of a tooth just peeping through the gum.

I will gradually post some pictures of some of our more exciting adventures while away, but just for now, here is us on the way home on the boat from Esbjerg to Harwich.

thomas me on boat


time machine

Well, I’m am reading “Science of the Discworld III” again, and it is as great, if not better than the first time, and it comes with instructions on how to build your own time machine, which is what I badly need at the moment.

I have just worked a 34- hour week, which is not bad for a part-timer, but it has left time for very little else. My brain is so mashed that I can’t even remember a list of 5 items the day after I wrote it, which is quite bad for me.

Thomas continues to deny us sleep, getting worse, not better. I remember telling other people that we felt we were making progress a while ago, but last night he woke at 1am, 2am 3am, and around 5am. We let him cry himself back to sleep for the first 3. I actually woke him at 4am to feed him, as some theories reckon that if you wake the baby an hour before they normally wake up, this breaks the cycle of them waking at that time. Thomas laughed in the face of that theory! But joking aside, it is time to ask the health visitors for new advice, as Thomas cried for an hour the other night at bedtime, and with all the other wakings and cryings, the strain is really showing on me and David, quite apart from the fact that listening to your baby crying, and not doing anything about it makes you feel inhuman, and very very tired.

Still, best to seek out the happy side… Thomas is leaping forward in his development. He has begun to wave back at people who wave at him. He has begun playing with longer follow-on sequences. He can now give you an object without any trouble, where the “letting go” action took a couple of weeks to master! He also likes to keep a tight control over your biscuit comsumption – I had made some cookies, which were in a tupperware. When I opened it to take a bite, he wanted to put the lid back on straight away!

His speech has also changed, and he is starting to make much clearer distinct sounds, including “bug-gah” which we hope is not a swear word. He also laughed his head off when I tried to read to him in Spanish – instantly recognising that I was doing something strange, and doing it badly!

Oh, Thomas also has a favourite restaurant – The Mackintosh Canteen. He has been there three times already, and now flirts with his favourite waitress.

I am looking forward to the few days in a row I have off, where I can catch up with my dentist, optician and doctor, before I go away, terrorists permitting.

As for Thomas, he tried Messy Monsters the other day, and loved it, so we are hoping to go to classes in september, though the ones we wanted to attend are fully booked, so decisions have to be made about a different location, or just waiting until after half-term when there will be a space. I am also considering attending our local steiner school. I don’t actually agree with the philosophy at all, but I don’t think the playgroup will do Thomas any harm, though i’m a bit wary of lyre-music… This is all because I don’t think we can afford for him to go to nursery, so I want to simulate it as best we can. I can’t wait for baby-signing to start again, as we really enjoy that.

Another thing to mention, is that I’ve just bought a load of re-usable nappies off ebay. I’ll let you know what I get and how we get on when I have something to report.

Well, I think that’s about as comprehensive a post as you are going to get out of me tonight. The only reason I am up this late is that I have actually been watching “Bulletproof Monk” with Chow Yun-Fat as I write. I don’t think I’ve seen a film with him in it that I haven’t loved, and that includes some I haven’t understood a word of!