Walking the croc

So Thomas is nearly walking but not quite… He does do a lot of practising however, and likes to take his crocodile for a walk, either holding onto one of mummy’s fingers, or if she’s busy, he just uses his trolley:



gappy plans…

So I’ve mentioned teeth, and I thought I’d try and show you what he looks like, which isn’t easy, as trying to get Thomas to smile AND stay still at the same time is nigh on impossible, still here is a blurry photo of the two top teeth, which are spaced so that he lookes like he has a big gap in the middle!


Here is also a photo of him where you can see all three teeth (one on the bottom):


I have also just moved Thomas’ cot into his own room again. I thought I’d take advantage of his wussy dad being away to really crack the nighttime waking palava. (I’ve only just found out how to spell wuss properly, having previously spelt it incorrectly as wooss.) I shall no doubt let you know how Thomas feels about the latest sleeping arrangements…


I hate you mummy!!!!

Well, ok, he can’t actually say that yet, but if he could, he would have said it last night!

We are trying to cut out the night feeds (again) and also get him to stay in his cot. Last night at 1.30 am he woke up, but with a little reassuring and comfort, he did go back to sleep again, without leaving the cot. But at 2.30am he woke again, and this time he was not impressed. After about 40 minutes of comforting him, in the cot, while screaming (him, not me) he threw teddy across the room, followed by various other objects, and then started the push me away and claw my face! He was totally incensed! I gave up at this point and brought him in bed with me, but it was a breastfeed he wanted, and as I still didn’t give it to him, he continued to be angry. He finally settled and stopped crying, and I held out a finger to him, as a sort of peace offering, and he clawed that away too! So it was an extremely unpleasant night.

I’ve had some more suggestions about the sleep thing. Everyone tells me that putting them in their own room magically makes them sleep through. Someone has pointed out that he can smell me and breastmilk when he wakes up, and this makes him wake up fully and want attention.

So I think his own room (again) is the way forward. My mum has pointed out that worrying about putting him in the room above the boiler is possibly a leetle paranoid, so I’ve changed my mind about rearranging the whole house! I am quite proud of the bedtime routine now, as it is really set, and Thomas is definitely getting comfort from it.

Thing is the only thing I would do differently if another one comes along, is NOT MOVE HOUSE! As this is where it all went wrong for us.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I think I might have found Thomas a nursery, rather than a childminder, but I’m going to visit it on Monday, so I’ll blog about it then.



So it doesn’t happen much, but here is the rare sight of Thomas asleep:

thomas asleep

He is also modelling one of his washable nappies, though it’s a little big for him yet. The plan is to use them leading up to potty training so that he can feel when he is wet and dirty, but they also save a few pounds in disposables, so using them now is good economic sense.

Thomas is keeping us on our toes these days, and surprises us each day with what he can get to, and what he goes for! The other day he helped himself to half a super-piratos, which for those who don’t know, is a super strong danish liquorice sweet, which most english adults I know spit out in disgust on tasting. When I managed to manhandle it out of his mouth, he cried when he realised he wasn’t getting it back!

He makes light work of climbing on and off the sofa. He had his first rice crispies today, which he seemed to like. He also likes giving you things, and gets quite upset if you refuse to take them. If you take something and simply put it down again, he will pick it up and give it to you again and again ad infinitum. A nice thing he has started to do is come up and cuddle you whilst opening and closing his hands, which results in a sort of massage!

I also wanted to mention a book I just read which I highly recommend. I picked it off a friends shelf who said I could keep it, as she was trying to get rid of things so as not to have to take them to germany, where she is moving back to. It is Lionboy Lionboy by Zizou Corder. It is children’s literature, in the same way that the Philip Pullman “His Dark Materials” is. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

I’d better go – Thomas and I are going to try a trip to the postbox in his push-along car, kindly donated by the fount of all great things baby-and-toddler, Maria!


those little things…

Things that happen to you in a hurry.

You just about have time to wolf down some breakfast, if you’re quick. You pick your piece of toast up from the toaster, and just as you do, the tiny piece of corner that you are holding onto, breaks off, and the main piece of toast sails through the kitchen to land expertly at the bottom of the crack between the cooker and the cupboard, in all the greasy fluff that has accumulated as it’s awkward to clean.


starting steiner

So I took Thomas to Steiner toddler group for the first time today, although Thomas actually went last week with his dad.

I’ve decided to write what I think, rather than my usual diplomacy in being careful about who I offend, because this is purely my take on it, and the whole Steiner system is well-established, and can easily withstand any negative comments from little old me!

So, to begin with, I really enjoyed the group, as it starts with “free play” where loads of toys, all made from “natural” materials such as wood, wool and metal are available for for the children to play pretty much as they like. Also, the people I met are all lovely, and it’s nice to have conversations that aren’t about celebrities or Big Brother or the latest “pop-idol” spin-off. But then the whole “spiritualist” stuff comes in, and that is where I start shivering.

I am trying to look at this objectively, where Thomas, certainly at this age, will simply hear songs, and words, and someone playing pentatonic notes on a glockenspiel or lyre. Fine. I’m sure we will be well out of it before he starts to ponder what the words actually mean. But I simply don’t agree with the underlying philosophy, and the man himself sounds like a nutcase. I mean, it is said that he believed people were re-incarnated many times, starting off black and gradually becoming whiter. – What a lunatic! ? ! I admit my research into Steiner Waldorf is limited to what wikipedia says about it, but I’m already wary.

There is also a sort of feeling that the world is as it is and we can only drift about in it, cared for by God. Well my world is one where we strive to understand it as much as possible and use our brains, whether given to us by a God or not, to work out how to make things which can help other humans and animals resolve some of the harder aspects of their existences.

Anyway, I will get down off my soap box now, and be grateful that I can attend the groups which I’m certain do Thomas a world of good, with the interaction and company of some good people. Also , if for whatever reason a child simply suffers under the conventional education system, rather than thrives, then I think it’s exremely good to have an alternative for him or her.

[normal, less feisty posting will resume next time] .


teeth and standing very tall…

So I haven’t managed to open the laptop for what seems like ages. Thomas is becoming more difficult these days, as he is very reluctant to sleep, which means it’s hard to put him down for a nap during the day, which means I don’t get a minute to myself. He tends to get his naps on the way to and from places, in the pushchair, which means that he does get his nap, but I don’t get my precious “housework / laptop” time!

On the plus side he is getting 2 teeth: one on the bottom left and one on the top left! The top one looks like it will be huge! They are coming very very slowly, so at this rate, he won’t have a full set before he gets to school!

Also, he is now standing very well on his own, without support. He can stand in the middle of the lounge and lift a heavy toy off the ground.

And talking of standing… David and I have been struggling with our tv reception, and in trying to save money, we bought a wideband aerial (well, David did) and rented an extremely long ladder (well David did) and went up it… (well David did). It was terrifying for him, and me having to watch, but he managed to fix the aerial cable and the antenna onto the house! Poor old Adam, with a bandaged hand was roped-in to help. It was all very precarious, and we were all very glad to be alive afterwards!

david ladder