Becoming a real Toddler

So, Thomas is really starting to be a small person, in that he is getting really mobile and beginning to problem-solve. He can get on and off his new table and chairs easily. We have solved the issue of him climbing up the stairs, sort of: if we keep the stairgate at the top of the stairs shut, he climbs up, shouts for a bit at the stairgate, then gets bored and climbs down again. He learned how to climb back down the stairs again in three attempts. (Me showing him, not him falling!).

He has “danced” to music ever since he could stand up by himself, but lately he is becoming more inventive, and has brought his hands into the action, and even claps along! We had a good old boogie to Flux Trax yesterday, which is an old compilation I bought at Uni, which includes the excellent “Voodoo Ray” by A Guy Called Gerald.

Anyway, we have started putting his new furniture to good use, helped by his aunty Ell, who has bought him some crafting tools for his play-doh, and also a really nice dinner set.

I have a couple of pictures of him enjoying his table:




plugin test

just seeing what my new plugin does…


smart cookie

I forgot to tell you in my last post that Thomas has FINALLY decided to clap. I’ve been trying to get him to clap for ages, and bizarrely he started doing it while I was absent-mindedly singing “Let everyone clap hands with me…” in the kitchen! Well, I suppose it’s not bizarre, but odd that he wouldn’t do it while I was painstakingly showing him how to!

He now definitely understands certain words and reacts to them. He can crawl backwards down the stairs by himself (though getting him to feel like doing it is another matter…) and he has worked out by himself, without prompting, how to get down off our bed, which is quite high, and also how to get off his brand new wooden chair from his table-and-chair set.

I found a nice picture of Thomas and me on his birthday, and have realised we didn’t get one of him and his dad, or grandparents or anything!! We did have a lot of fun though, and that more than makes up for it.thomasbirthday


1st Birthday

So we made it to a milestone! Thomas was 1 on Saturday!


We had a really lovely party, a little bit of which is captured above, but unfortunately our photos didn’t come out very well, so I can’t show you more! I was genuinely astounded at how lovely all the presents were that Thomas received. I didn’t realise there was that much variety out there! He really enjoyed himself, I think because he is always happy to see his friends, even if he doesn’t show it effusively!

He was however quite poorly, and this showed a few times. We saw a nice locum this morning, who prescribed him some antibiotics to sort out his chest rattle. He said it’s best not to take antibiotics if you can possibly help it, which reassured me that they were definitely needed. In this case, he said as it’s been hanging around the whole family, he felt Thomas needed a bit of help. He also told us to keep an eye on his slightly red ear, as this might be a bit painful.

So Thomas started walking about a week before his birthday, and his first antibiotics were prescribed two days after his birthday!

I am currently teaching him how to climb backwards down the stairs, I’d best get back to it.


Thomas’ annual MOT

Thomas had his check-up with a health visitor today, and she said he’s doing fine, though we could do with taking his sleep in hand. Don’t I know it!

She suggested giving him more calories including milk during the day. We also discussed the fact that he can have cows’ milk now. So we got started straight away, and Thomas drank cows’ milk from a sippy cup today. He seemed to like it well enough, so I’m glad that was a success. He has been drinking water from a cup, and had cows milk in breakfast cereal, so I guess the combination was not such a big step.

I’m devising a plan to get him off breast-feeding, though it’s tricky to co-ordinate letting my boobs down gently, and letting Thomas down equally gently, especially at night, when it can get quite noisy for a long time if he doesn’t get what he wants…

He has really started enjoying the fact that he can walk, and has started doing it for pleasure! He is still quite cautious, but if he is distracted, and not thinking about it, he can walk quite a few metres.

We are really having fun together the two of us now, as he laughs a lot and makes jokes of his own, and is starting to enjoy learning simple tasks, like opening pots and building towers of blocks. We still have less fun times, where he shouts a lot, but overall it’s fun. The two of us are still recovering from a heavy cold we caught over a week ago, but apart from that things aren’t too bad.



So it’s official:


It’s not a terribly clear picture, so if you are trying to guess, it’s a 7cm long baby. Yes, it’s from my tummy. I’m going to have a baby! Another baby!

The due date is 22nd April so as my very nice midwife pointed out, a quarter of the pregnancy is already over with. As I told my mum, having been really pregnant very recently, I don’t “feel” very pregnant at the moment!

I have had quite a lot of nausea and morning-til-night sickness this time, and I’ve been totally exhausted, as Thomas is still not sleeping as much as I’d like. I am going to stop breast-feeding him around now, as he’ll be a whole year old on Saturday. He’ll be 18 months old when he meets his younger brother… or sister.

The weirdest part so far was that I almost didn’t believe I was really pregnant right up until I saw the ultrasound.


first steps and more teeth…

Well, I don’t think I can say Thomas is now a walker, but he has taken a few staggery steps, and can manage about 3 or 4 before he throws himself at the nearest handhold. I think it won’t be long now before he is confident enough to toddle about.

He has started getting his front right lower tooth, to keep the only one there at the moment company. At least he will be a little less lop-sided! He is also getting his third tooth on the top, on the left side of the two main ones. Seems an odd order for them to come, but as long as they all arrive eventually, i’m not complaining!

The whole family has a nasty cold a the moment. This seems especially harsh on Thomas who has only just recovered from 3 weeks of snotty nose. (and my clothes which all have baby-snot on them). Poor old David braved a long and arduous train-journey to attend an interview with his cold, though apparently his ability to talk on a subject he knows well is better than any flu medicine!

My worst nightmare was realised yesterday when I was unable to work due to illness. This must be something that haunts all freelancers, but yesterday morning, my stomach decided to empty itself at speed, and with vigour. This, together with the onset of this nasty cold, and interrupted sleep combined to make me weak and hunched. I did drag myself into work, but once people started telling me I looked rough, I felt worse, and had to go home again! Lucky I did, as later I had to go to bed with lots of clothes on, shivering under our winter duvet!

Thomas had another nursery settling today, at which he apparently cried less than before, and enjoyed the sandpit… they now want to work on him letting go of whichever carer he has clamped himself onto, as I’m sure they don’t fancy carrying him around for the whole 5 hours!

I leave you with a picture of terrible quality, showing Thomas standing by himself, holding a book. He has been able to do this for some time, but we’ve not really tried to capture it before. I suppose I really want to capture his first steps, but that’s tricky, as they are short, and camera start-up is long!
standing alone


evenings exist!

So, finally, sleeping is gradually coming back on the menu. Thomas is no longer terrified of his cot, and on occasion has even seemed to want to be in it! Bedtime can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes on a non-bath night. Thomas starts to settle down as soon as he hears the words “The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle”!

He still wakes at around 2.30, but he doesn’t get a feed or attention, so we are hoping this will stop as well. (Actually, this is probably because one of us goes in to sleep on the spare bed when he wakes up – so he knows we are there, but that’s going to stop soon too.)

He has a feed at 4.40am when he seems to wake very accurately each morning, and also at around 7.20am so that he’ll doze til about 8 or so.

So on the whole, I am feeling positive about getting more sleep in the near future. Also, now that the bedtime routine is working, I can actually watch post-watershed telly again! I’ve not missed an episode of Spooks yet this series! I have missed a few CSIs, as, let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice just to get an early night!

We are going through Nursery induction at the moment, which is a little traumatic. I’m very happy with the nursery, and I think Thomas is too, but it is of course a shock to suddenly be without mum or dad, and he’s quite rightly weirded out by it! In fact, after David has been away for a few days, when he gets home, he can’t even leave the room without Thomas breaking down in tears! I assume this is fear that he won’t return, and not, as often in my case, relief! (you know I don’t mean it).

Anyway, joking aside, I leave you with proof of child exploitation. All of you who thought David managed to do so many things at the same time just because he works hard, see the truth! He has already trained a mere 11-month-old Thomas as his personal assistant in his office, thus halving his workload: