big changes

Firstly I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long, a lot has been happening.

Mostly this is to do with Thomas growing and becoming more and more fun and interesting to be with. There are too many little things to catch up on in one post, so I’ll shall make more of an effort to blog daily to report the little things.

Having said that, we are moving – again! This means we’ll be offline for a week or so, but I hope to be back in full force around the 6th December.

Actually, I will just describe today’s bathtime, as it stands out a bit from most… Thomas got a party bag from his best friend Jay’s birthday, which contained a water pistol, really tiny, so that small hands can use it. So we tried it today. Thomas can only operate it using his thumbs on the trigger, which means he constantly shoots himself in the face. Needless to say he found this hilarious, and giggled for 15 minutes everytime he squirted his eye/nose/mouth/ear and, because it is well designed, and shoots quite far, me.
We are very grateful to Jay’s mum, Grace, for this inspired gift giving us so much fun! After this, Thomas decided to splash in the bath like he has never done before! In fact he was splashing with serious concentration to the extent that he made me remove all the bath toys, and maintained a serious and determined expression while splashing fiercely with his arms. He only remembered to smile and laugh when he looked up at me, and saw me laughing. Needless to say, the entire bathroom and I was soaked through. I’m hoping this will mean he sleeps really well tonight!

I leave you with a cute picture of Thomas reading a blank score. Odd child.

thomas blank manuscript


so conventional!

I had to post this picture, as I’m sure lots of people all over the world have exactly the same photo as this, with their own baby in the chair…

Also, I was so impressed with my new haircut yesterday, I thought I’d better show you:
…please excuse the slightly manic expression – I haven’t been getting much sleep lately!


fascinating times

Thomas has just reached a really fascinating age, where you can watch him for hours just for entertainment!

He is already into gadgets in a big way: he has just spent ten minutes turning the dimmer light on and off with the foot switch. He spent about half an hour playing with the xbox yesterday – not playing it, but playing with the eject button and CD tray, he of course put the game that was in there (Halo2) neatly back when he had finished. If you are using your laptop, and it isn’t plugged in, he will nearly always find the correct power supply plug (there are a few lying around) and try to plug it in for you. He watched in awe as I played an LP yesterday (quite a trial, as we are in between stereos, so a lot of plugging and unplugging to be done!). I have twice now seen him investigating fire extinguishers that he comes across, and even a fire exit! (I think he was checking the bar that you have to push).

He is now responding to commands and comments, which is a real breakthrough. He understands “pass me the blue ball” and “turn it on again” and “look at your tummy” (where all his sandwiches had ended up at lunch yesterday).

He even, although he has only done it once, so I may be jumping the gun, but yesterday, he was doing his usual shout/grunt to get me to give him another sandwich. I told him to say “please mummy” and the next time he needed another piece, he said “mamma” which is a vast improvement on “AAARGH!”.

My only complaint is that he just doesn’t sleep! He goes to bed at 8.30, and is up again by 6.30, sometimes earlier. 10 hours!? I hear you shout, what’s wrong with that? It’s the waking up at 2am, and 4am which is creating the tension. I’m still an insomniac, even being totally exhausted, so it takes me an hour or two to get back to sleep each time, which if you add up the hours of wakefulness, doesn’t leave much time for sleep. I hope he hasn’t inherited my insomnia – he often just lies staring at the ceiling, as if he can’t sleep either. It’s not as if he sleeps all day either – yesterday he slept for half an hour in the morning, and 45 minutes in the afternoon. Or he’ll just have one 1.5 hour nap in the middle of the day.

Anyway, not to end on a negative, he is very good at amusing himself – last night he pulled out his “Baby Touch” playbook and read it all by himself, and as I write, he is playing with his wooden shape-sorter cube that he got for his birthday, while letting his mum get on with blog-posting.


achieving the impossible…

Ok, you’re going to be really disappointed, after such a grand title, but I’ve been playing “Spider” recently, and having played Spider two-suit ad nauseum, til it came out almost every time, I started Spider proper. It NEVER came out. I actually began to believe it was actually impossible! FINALLY last night, after lots of un-doing and re-doing, it finally worked out! Small achievement I know, but you gotta celebrate the small stuff.