I had to write about this step – Thomas has started signing. He has been signing “all gone” for a while now, or in did for a while and then stopped. He has recently started signing “more” which he uses when there is any food around!

The real breakthrough, is that he signed something of his own volition, whereas the other two, I had been patiently trying to teach him and encourage him to do. Yesterday morning, we were looking at the butter carton at breakfast, and I was pointing out that the carton was yellow, and the grass on it was green, when he suddenly signed “flower”. Sure enough, in the grass were flowers – poppies actually – that I hadn’t even noticed! It was such a “wow” moment! I didn’t think he had paid any attention to me signing “flower” before!

This morning he signed flower again, and again it was an inconsipicuous speck in the corner of a page containing a picture of a cow! His dad saw it as well, so I have an extra eye-witness. It just feels nice that he would “say” a nice comment on his surroundings, rather than what I would call more a utility sign like “more” or “all gone”.

I think that now he has started with a few signs, he will probably have a rush of new ones, so I’ll keep blogging them as I recognise them.


Washable nappies

I wanted to write a bit more about using washable nappies, because it’s one of those things that a lot of mums want to do and get put off, so I thought I’d post my experiences, in case they are useful to anyone.

I started when Thomas was born with the nappy service type, where they come collect and wash them for you. We didn’t last a day! Now that I’m using them I have a few points as to why!

  • they are much much easier to use on older babies, and almost impossible on newborns! (I think this must just be something to do with shape, cos Thomas is a very wriggly toddler!)
  • buy the all-in-ones. It’s hard enough getting the nappy-liner on the all-in-ones, let alone try to fold something and put a liner on without it all falling apart and THEN put an outer cover on as well!
  • you need a radiator! In our new house, I have a designated radiator near the washing machine with one of those radiator-hanger things which fits about 4-5 nappies. I just leave them on there until I need some upstairs.
  • boots nappy soak (or similar) i don’t know how it works, but it seems to stop the nappy bucket smelling.

That’s all the important things I can remember. We only use them when we are sitting around the house, I haven’t dared wear one out, or face trying to change one out and about. I haven’t used one at night either though I might try this at some point. I was also worried that they might be uncomfortable. I’m almost certain Thomas found them uncomfortable as a newborn, as he did seem to cry whenever I put one on. He doesn’t mind them at all now, and maybe that’s because there’s just more of him for the nappy to hang onto!

Here he is having some fun with his dad:



I just had to write about Thomas seeming so grown up these days! He still isn’t really talking, although, he does say “oh dear!” a lot, and he uses it to mean a lot of different things, like, “i dropped it!” and “the tele is off!” and “I can’t do it!”. He has also started signing “more” which he uses in context, but also to indicate that he wants something nice to eat, usually a biscuit!

He also understands simple phrases like “go and get your slippers” and “put it back” or “put it away” “give it to daddy” etc etc. The other day he broke my necklace (for the third time!) and all the beads went everywhere. We were worried that he was going to eat them, but instead he very dilligently helped me to collect them all up and put them in a jar for the next rebuild!

He often helps me load/unload the washing-machine, the only drawback being that he is a little over-zealous, so if you are not quick enough, he will unload/load it all again straight away. He has also recently started helping me to put the shopping away, by handing me things to put in the fridge. He is just so helpful! I’m sure this won’t last, so I’m enjoying it while it happens.

I had a great day on Saturday when I got to meet up with some friends in London, while David looked after Thomas, I had a really really good time, and it reminded me what being an adult is like!

On the down side, I had a couple of weeks as a pregnant anaemic insomniac, which is no picnic when you are responsible for a 15-month-old 24 hours a day as well. However, I have slept better the last couple of nights, so maybe that side of it is getting better by itself, and I’m on iron tablets. I can’t do much about being pregnant though – I’m still working my way through that!

I haven’t posted a picture for a while, so here is Thomas enjoying one of his 5-a-day:


in and out

Some more stuff about food. A bit of behaviour worth reporting, which I might have done earlier, is Thomas’ way of eating-to-song! After a certain point in the meal, he decides he doesn’t want any more, so clamps his mouth shut, shakes his head from side-to-side, and waves his arms about. UNLESS you burst into song, in which case he opens his mouth in an almost robot style. By singing, you can get him to eat twice as much. Several people who have seen it have said it looks so strange, that he’s so definite and consistant about it!

Also, we’ve started using our washable nappies. This seems to be going pretty well so far – thomas doesn’t mind them, even if they are slightly more bulky. And we still use the nature babycare nappies when we’re out and about to avoid the complicated stuff. When I get a chance, I’ll work out exactly how many times I have to use them to re-coup the costs. I think I bought 9 for £45 on ebay, but I can check back.


thomas recipes

Am going to try to catch up a bit as there’s so much to tell you, having not posted for so long, but this post is going to be about food. Thomas has eated some rather bizarre things lately, just from the impromptu nature of some of his meals.

Firstly, something he seems to like, is sugarsnap peas fried in a little olive oil, with a garlic clove also sizzling in the oil. He chewed on a whole sugarsnap pea for about 7 minutes today, and every time I tried to take it out of his mouth, he shook his head and wouldn’t let me!

Another slap-up meal consisted of new potatoes, boiled with skins on, then mashed and added to some fried onion with cheese and spinach mixed in. It looked disgusting, but tasted quite nice, so I guess once he saw me eating it, he figured it would be ok.

The worst meal I thought he got served, was a cheese-and-peas omelette! He gobbled this up with gusto, to the point that next time I’ll use two eggs instead of one! This was also my first attempt at omlette-making – I’m not a big fan myself, so I haven’t really needed to before, but Thomas likes them a lot so I guess I’ll get better and better.

I tried to make some tapioca, but that turned out more like pvc glue, and actually, I’m not certain it has any nutritional value, being processed before you even start.

Otherwise, I’m trying to put more potato in his diet, so we are having the odd jacket potato here and there. Also, having had roasted vegetables the other day, I’m going to try to do that more often, and maybe just put some into the mouli for him, as I know he’s not too keen on peppers just by themselves.

I have been told I am anaemic, which is something I had suspected before, but previous tests didn’t indicate this was the case. But following a letter from the hospital, I’m now on 200mg of ferrous sulphate per day. I keep meaning to see if my tablets will stick to a magnet – I’ll let you know when I try! I have suddenly gained quite an appetite in the last few days, so I’ve been eating a lot more than I had been – I think this baby is settling down to flesh itself out a bit – not a moment too soon either! – it has some really sharp appendages at the moment, so I can’t wait for these to be a bit more padded. Also, for the record this baby is awake 24/7! It’s even more active than Thomas was, which doesn’t bode well for our sleep.

Anyway, I’ve strayed off the point a bit now, so i’ll save the rest for another post.


trumpet -blowing

Just a funny thing really: when David started his new job at Brunel, he spotted this poster in a colleague’s office, and said “oh, that’s my wife’s name!” There, on a huge poster, was indeed my name, with Sarah Waterman’s, my partner in this particular crime, a few lines above that of Steve Reich! Well, he was so impressed, he took a photo of it…