Well, as we didn’t get out today to enjoy the sunshine, due to an excruciatingly painful left leg and pelvis, we decided to make the best of the afternoon and make some brownies.

making brownies

We were only using packet mix, as it was Thomas’ first experiment in the kitchen, so it wasn’t long before we were ready for the next step:

Thomas found this very satisfying. Though, it was probably a little irresponsible of me to let both of us eat the mix, as there was a raw egg in there. Well worth it though!



Sorry I haven’t written for so long, have just been feeling too poorly. I’ve also been meaning to catch up on tons of emails – there are so many people I want to write to, and in fact my “drafts” folder is filling up with started emails. I hope I get to do it before the baby arrives, as I’m sure I won’t get much time after.

Thomas meanwhile has been signing “cat” and “biscuit” though he does a modified version of this, as he has trouble finding his elbow. Also I think he’s been doing the sign for “home” but I’ve only realised it today. He puts his hands together, but not in a clear roof-shape, so this is one of the signs I didn’t know what he meant until we walked around the block this afternoon, and he pointed to the house and did it, and did it again when I said “home”.


How to make Thomas angry…

1. go inside
2. end a telephone conversation.


“kids say the funniest things…”

Well, ok, so he’s not actually talking yet, but he did do something funny: at lunch we were asking him where various things were around the kitchen, the oven, whiteboard, washing-machine etc etc, and Thomas would point at them. When we asked where the dishwasher was, he pointed at his dad!


Rebel Child

Our son is already rebelling against us – at 15 months! He is just so tidy! We do everything we can to be messy, but he refuses to comply!

Yesterday, he did something new, whereby he opened his little box of odds and ends, and started putting his magnetic letters very carefully on the metal whiteboard we made for him, which was actually stowed away beside the piano. I thought this was impressive, as we haven’t played with the whiteboard for months, so he has remembered this connection between the board and the letters for a long time. But then the rebellion started, when, after dinner, just before he went to bed, he very carefully, one or two at a time put every single letter back into the box. The box and the whiteboard are at opposite ends of the lounge, so he covered some distance going back and forth. I was simply amazed at how he wanted to put all the letters away!


Thankyou! + book update

Just wanted to record all the signs Thomas can do – each week he seems to add another handful (excuse the pun).

Today he signed “Thankyou” when I thanked him for turning the light on for me! He also does “banana” and “mouse”. He has also done “sun” and “cat” but not very convincingly, so I’m not sure that they weren’t just flukes. He does a few things that I haven’t worked out yet what he means, but I’m sure all will become clear. As for speaking vocally, apart from “oh dear, ” i’m a bit sketchy as to whether he is actually saying a word, or just near to it. I think I’ve heard him say “book” and “bib” but they may be approximations.

We have been reading lots of books lately, I’ve just finished “Geoff, the Buddha and Me” which was ok, not very good, but kept me reading, and is good if you are looking for practical examples of buddhist practice in every day life. I’ve nearly finished “First Holy Chameleon” by Maggie Gibson which is quite exciting and a fast read. I’ve picked up my buddhist meditation book, “Change Your Mind” in the hope it will help with my insomnia, which isn’t getting any better.

Thomas’ favourite books at the moment are “Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig” and “My Best Friend, Bob”. the latter is about 2 guinea-pigs, and is just adorable, so Thomas probably picks up on how much I like it! I’m pleased because, it’s a step up from some of his baby books, and where I have tried simple story books like this before, he has lost concentration very quickly, but this one holds his attention, and he chooses it most often out of the pile, so it’s definitely one of his favourites.


Snow and waterproofs…

Here are some pics of Thomas in his waterproofs (ebay bargain of course).
Thomas in Yellow with Blue Wellies