Proud mum

This might be a bit of a vomit-inducing post, as i want to blab on about how clever my offspring is, like any over-bearing mum.

But anyway, Thomas can correctly point out the numbers 1-6 (from the index page of the Mothercare Catalogue). Though he can only say “two” (doo) and “three” (eeeeee). In fact he’ll point out the number 2 all over the place, any chance he gets!

Also, he did something that made my jaw drop just now. He was pretty grumpy, having missed his nap today, and had a biro taken off him, so to distract him his aunty Jo and I told him to go and get a book to read. “How about ‘That’s Not My Tractor’?” I said, and started the first line. (That’s not my tractor, its funnel is too smooth). He walked over to the bookshelf, pointing at it, and picked that exact book off the shelf! It could’ve been a fluke, so if he does it again, I’ll let you know, though it was quite buried in all the other books.



Just to say, less than 24 hours after Thomas’ bump on the head, he is back to a normal shape again. He has a little purple stripe which conceals itself nicely under his fringe, Harry-Potter-stylee.

His faculties also seem to be all intact, as when looking at the post this morning, he pointed to the big number 2 on something that had a business-post 2nd-class printed on it, and said “doo! DOO!” (There are some consonants he has trouble with!)


The Elephant’s child

So, poor old Thomas has now learnt that headbutting skirting-boards doesn’t bring much joy.
bump on the head

He was climbing up and over his little chair, when it tipped, at a perfect distance for him to collide with the wall.
bump from the side
He stopped crying withing seconds though, and didn’t seem disorientated or anything, just looked like John Merrick in “The Elephant Man” for a bit, which was a bit heart-breaking. I checked out NHS Direct which has a section on “Head Injuries – Children” and followed it carefully, though Thomas signed “eating” when he saw the frozen peas that I tried to put on the bump, so at least I knew he wasn’t feeling sick. Other than that, there wasn’t much I could do. He is a bit under par with a cold anyway, so getting him to “sit quietly” for a while wasn’t too difficult.

One thing I wanted to blog about was our trip to the Guildford Spectrum “leisure pool”. It’s so great. Thomas absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to take him again, and it only costs £3.90 if you go during the day, which was a bargain. The only failure was taking him to lunch at the “Brewers Fayre” next door. The food borders on inedible at these places, it seems unbelievable that they ever get returning customers. Mind you, we were spoilt the weekend before with dinner at “The Guinea” in Bruton Place as a treat from Josep and Rosa who were visiting London.

That’s another thing I meant to blog about – Josep and Rosa, Rosa’s mum and aunt were on a quick trip to London, and we managed to meet up with them at the Tate Modern for lunch. Here are some great pictures from the lunch time, though dinner was for serious chin-wagging, so we didn’t get time to take pictures with all the catching-up we had to do! photos from Tate Modern