1 week old


Actually, this picture is from Tuesday when he was 3 days old. But it’s been a week of ups and downs which need reporting:

Firstly the birth was pretty much perfect – I couldn’t have asked for anything better, except the nurse could’ve been a little less rough when stitching me up, in my opinion…

Then the fact that the baby is all healthy and present and correct, and of course, a boy! He also started breastfeeding quite easily, and was keen to eat, where Thomas didn’t really seem interested at the beginning. So these were all highs. The first couple of nights were great!

Then catastrophe, breast-feeding became really painful, and nipples cracked and bleeding and me crying in pain at every feed. Then worse…

When the milk came in I was so engorged I developed mastitis, which is excruciatingly painful and made me feel really unwell – violently shivering in bed! Luckily the midwife was visiting that day anyway, and with the added bonus of a life-saving sister-in-law who could advise and get antibiotic in me, and lots of drugs later, I’m now on the road to recovery.

A particular low-point in the week was when Thomas also decided to play up at night so we had him rampaging and whining round our bedroom, with the baby screaming in the cot, while I was in agony every time I tried to sit up or lie down… all at 2am. AND there was still those sore nipples…

Anyway, a week on, the breast-feeding technique is starting to come, and as a lovely midwife I saw yesterday said would happen, the occasions where the latch-on is perfect and nearly-not-painful-at-all, will be less often flukes, and more often the norm. This is all much quicker than with Thomas, because a) I’ve at least done it before, not long ago, and b) the new baby is so damn hungry! He’s a bit tasmanian devil and flails around desperately with hands mouth and tongue to get it in there, but when all is settled down, it’s not too bad. I don’t think I even reached this stage with Thomas at 6 weeks!

I’m looking forward to the time when I can deftly slip him on the boob while eating at posh restaurants, with chopsticks, left-handed!



Finally the pregnancy was over on Saturday 21st April!

We have another little baby boy. Though, actually not so little! 8lbs 12oz! That’s about 4kg! No wonder I stuck out so much!

Anyway, the birth went as well as anyone could possibly have hoped, where I woke up at about 1am thinking something was up, and the baby was born at 6.42am. I spent most of the labour in the bath, at home and at hospital. By the time we got examined at the hospital I was already 7cm dilated, so got in the bath again! Lots of gas and air later, the baby was born underwater. Our midwife was simply fantastic, and the aftercare I received at Hillingdon Hospital was really good – much better than in Norwich. I had the same severe shortness of breath I had with Thomas after the labour. In Norwich I was told that I was “just tired” whereas at Hillingdon, they ran lots of tests, and gave me a saline drip. I was still able to go home the same evening, so I was only in hospital for about 12 hours.

The baby is very pink and scrumpled, and his hair is shorter and thicker than Thomas’ was, and we still haven’t decided on a name yet.

Here are some pics:

Proud dad – including blood splatter!

Me looking much better than I felt:

Proud brother… well cautiously so!


Feline friend + more language

Thomas has made a good friend out of the neighbourhood cat. I didn’t used to like it much as it ran into the upstairs of our house whenever we opened the front door. However, it seems to have stopped doing that lately, and tends to pass through the garden every morning instead, so it’s growing on me! Thomas loves it of course!

Also, i’ll take the opportunity to mention more words that Thomas can say. He picked up my mobile phone this morning and said “‘Ello, Hola!” which I thought was rather nice. He started saying “Hola!” yesterday. He likes saying “cook” and pointing out the letters “B” “E” and “S” everywhere. And whenever we have cinnamon, he has to point out the number “3” where it says 33g on the jar.

His IT skills are coming along. On the Macbook he knows how to turn the volume up and down, eject a disk, pause and unpause a DVD (using the space bar) and how to click the mouse button to play the DVD again. He knows which way up the DVD goes into the slot, and where the enter key is. He’ll be 18 months old on the 21st of this month. He will also plug the power cable in, if you tell him to. He knows that computers come with mice, and does the sign for mouse when he thinks you are in a good enough mood to give it to him – not bloody likely – but I don’t think he quite understands that the trackpad on laptops is the equivalent of a mouse, and I haven’t explained that to him yet.

If you tell him he’s not allowed to do something, he likes to point at it for a while and say “no” to make absolutely sure. Also, he has learnt to manipulate his dad even better than I can! This morning he went over to him and made kissing sounds and held up his arms to be picked up – for a kiss obviously? But when said kiss was delivered, he pointed to all the out-of-bounds things on the shelf he wanted David to give to him!

I also found interesting yesterday that when we were identifying pieces of his puzzle, he said the words he can say, like cat and car, but signed words that he can’t say yet, like flower.

Oh, and for some reason he calls a ball a “ballo”.


Thomas’ first motorised vehicle…

Dad nervously hands over the keys…

Then Thomas has some fun…

I’m still dreadfully pregnant by-the-way… hope to have news soon!


Size of a Cow

… ok you won’t all get the Wonderstuff reference, but it is indicitive of my appearance at the moment:
9 months pregnant

And this is just a nice picture of the nearly-three of us! It was a beautiful day, as I’m hoping the whole easter weekend will be. Oh, and please note my new haircut, which actually looks better than that when I make the effort!