1 month on

So, as you can see, I’m finding it quite hard to keep up, especially as we have had a busy week.

We went into town on Monday – just for the practice really, but also to buy Thomas colouring pencils and a colouring book. Tuesday we tried out a parent-and-toddler group, which was ok, but too short! It only lasted an hour, and we got there 20 minutes late, but was good to get out and see people, and I managed to overcome shyness, and chat to a few mums. Thomas was pretty scared at first, but soon found some toys to play with. Then on the way home we spent a long time at the playground, and Thomas had fun hanging out with some other toddlers there. On Wednesday we went to the child health clinic and got everyone weighed. Thomas weighs 10.450kg, and Oliver weighs 4.950kg. Ollie has put on about 1kg in a month. So I am trying out nappies size 3 (skipping size 2 altogether!) but actually I think size 2 will be ok for another week or so! Hopefully they will be in nappies the same size in no time, which would be easier! Thomas met a girl named Francesca and they had lots of fun playing together. On Thursday, we registered Oliver officially as Oliver Joseph Plans got his passport application forms. So today, we are having a day in. Bit boring for Thomas, but I have finally had the chance to get some photos, which I simply haven’t managed – there are a lot of nappy changes going on in our house at the moment! These pictures are all taken today, so Oliver is actually 1 month and 4days.




Thomas is getting lots of teeth at the moment. Oh, and he calls Bhudda, “Boddy”.


2, 4, 6, 8…

…who do we appreciate?

Now I know you are not supposed to have favourites amonst your kids, but I certainly had a least favourite at 6 o’clock this morning! Oliver decided to have a poo-explosion, which, for those of you who have not encountered this in a small baby is as bad as it sounds. It wasn’t the sideways thrust that was the problem – all babies like to do that, just to defy you, and nappy manufacturers, it was the sheer volume that really broke the nappy’s back. Anyway, in my bleary-eyed 6-in-the-morning state, I had to run to the bathroom with nappy-changing and bath equipment, run back for screaming baby. Then I got chased around the bathroom by a small spider, which I’m afraid to say, didn’t survive the experience, then give an impromptu bath to clean poo almost head-to-toe off Oliver. All this happened with still one boob exposed where I had tried to feed him, when still blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. I’m sure anyone looking on would’ve wet their pants at the hilarity of it all.

Anyway, it is still hard to believe this little creature will grow into a small human like Thomas.

Thomas has a cold which, bizzarely, makes him really well-behaved! And he is being especially cute at the moment, as he now repeats back the letters and numbers of the cheerleading chant: 2 (doo) 4 (or) 6 (ix) 8 (eight – he can say that fine) who do we appreciate? T – H – O – M – A – S – Thomas! Although he sometimes gets a bit confused and says the next letter rather than repeating the one you’ve just said. If he wants to be particularly endearing, he says “ma” instead of “em” for M.

I’ve written this post one-handed while trying to feed and burp Oliver, but he’s just vomited all over the both of us, I think to teach me that undivided attention is required at his mealtimes. I’d better go and clean up.


baptisms of fire and trolley blessings

I was talking the other day about how having a new baby knocks your confidence, and we decided that part of it is lack-of-sleep induced paranoia. I’m suddenly terrified that I will get mugged, run over, or just attacked in the street, or that I will somehow lose Thomas, or someone will snatch him, or we’ll all have a car crash.

Anyway, hurdles aside, I’ve managed a trip into town with the two babies, and today I managed a trip to the supermarket:

Just figuring out how the best way to get both of them in the car was a challenge – I don’t know what people who live on a busy road do – they must have a panic attack whenever they leave the house.
Then I had to drive around the car park 3 times to get a mother-and-baby space. Luckily a childless couple in an old Audi finally vacated one. Then there were no baby-and-toddler trolleys, plenty of baby-and-baby, and toddler-and-toddler ones. Luckily I spotted a mum just finishing with hers, so she gave it to me (after taking her baby-and-toddler out, of course). Oliver woke up every time we went over those bumpy roads tiles that tell you the pavement is about to become road. So he was awake through the vegetable section, but luckily he just looked at the signs, and the ceiling for a bit, and then fell asleep. Thomas decided to talk to every old person we went past. Then the last bit of luck was the cashier opened a till right near me, and helped me steer my trolley to it, to stop anyone getting there before me! It was an altogether luck-filled odyssey.

Anyway, Thomas has taken to cleaning every surface in the living-room every day, which is nice in that I don’t have to dust, but he uses whatever cloth is lying around, so I’m getting through lots of muslin squares!

Also, he’s getting very good at pressing the correct letter on his laptop when it asks him to, I would say he gets it right 95% of the time. What’s a bit worrying is that I can see he is starting to remember where the letters are on the keyboard, but because it’s a toy, they are arranged alphabetically, so he will have to re-learn their locations when he gets onto the qwerty layout.


“Never before has a child wanted more…”

Oliver has his name. It’s quite appropriate really, as he does like his food.

He was three weeks old yesterday, but in some ways it seems like years have gone past since he arrived.

The ups and downs continue… a particular down last night when my boobs were just sooooo painful, even on two different types of painkillers, and Ollie wanted more, and I felt like breast-feeding would never get better, and that I’d never have the confidence to go out with the two of them together, until they are of school age at least. David came and rescued me, or Ollie actually, and gave him a bottle.

Actually, about breast-feeding. With Thomas we were told to get as much of the breast into the mouth as possible, by grabbing the baby’s head and aggressively shoving it into the breast when he opened his mouth. With Oliver, it seems to be least painful if I let him do all the mouth positioning himself.

Anyway, on a happier note, Thomas continues to dote on his little brother – he has no trouble saying Oliver or Ollie. This morning he brought his laptop in front of the baby’s chair and turned it on for him to play with. He was also “reading” to him from my old school hymn book, which was cute enough to raise a smile.


Baby Plans

In my recent and new experience of it, I’d say it’s worth having at least two children, just so that you can actually appreciate it the second time around. Having Thomas was such a shock that the first 3 months were a total blur. I can hardly remember any of the nice things, except the first time I saw him holding his arms up at 90 degrees from the cot and staring at his hands in a “wow, what are these?!” sort of way.

With this second baby, whenever I get a quiet moment, usually if Thomas is asleep or out, I find myself sitting with a cute, soft, new, cuddly baby in my arms. Really, it’s how I imagined having a baby would be when I was still a non-parent! And it’s truly wonderful! It’s also great to watch him staring around the room as if trying to make sense of his new environment.

Breast-feeding is still a struggle but continues to slowly, very slowly get better. I hope I can still appreciate the good stuff when the crying starts, which apparently could be at around 3 weeks, tends to peak at 6 weeks, and then should be over by 3 months. You’d think all the clever researchers and sciency-types would’ve at least worked out why this happens.

I still got the confidence-knock that having a newborn gives you. Everything feels like you are doing it for the first time. I’m still terrified of the first time I have to go shopping with the two of them by myself. I was even anxious about driving again for the first time the other day.

Anyway, I have a lovely picture from today to show you, at 16 days old. Dunno if it’s just hormones, but I’ll still like to have lots more.

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