Geek time!

I can’t quite believe it myself, but I actually managed to complete an overdue task today! My poor laptop has been groaning with effort to cool itself down recently, sounding quite unwell. Today I finally got around to taking it apart (involving about 1000 screws) and took the fan out to clean it, and the heat sink it blows through. Look how much crap I got out of it:

Ok, it may not look like much, but bear in mind the fan is only about 3cm in diameter. Anyway, it seems to be feeling much better now! I did it while vigorously tapping my foot on Oliver’s bouncy chair, and I had set Thomas watching his “brainy baby” DVD. Actually Thomas was really good – he was very interested in the interior of my laptop but kept his fingers out when ordered to.

The only worrying thing is that there was no leftover screw which is obligatory whenever you take something apart and put it back together again.

Also, I haven’t reported on books and tv programmes etc for a while, so here goes. I’ve just read “The Water Method Man” by John Irving, and am currently reading “Familes and How to Survive them” by John Cleese and his therapist, who I can’t remember the name of. Thomas still loves “My Best Friend Bob” by Georgie Ripper, and any Elmer books from the library (David McKee). As for TV, I live for “House” on thursday evenings, and still love CSI. Thomas really likes “Something Special” and “Boogie Beebies” with the occasional dose of “Tikkabilla” and “Doodle-do” – all BBC, of course!


Smiles and spelling

So Oliver has been smiling for a couple of weeks now, but today I played “peek-a-boo” with him and he smiled and even made the gurgling sounds that sound like a proto-laugh! He did this a few times, so it wasn’t a fluke, I think we have definitely reached the joy that is the peek-a-boo stage. Also, some members of the family have suggested that he is not being as stimulated, as say, Thomas was at his age. So I’ve been putting him in the baby gym. So far this has made him cry every time. So today we pulled back a little and just got one toy out for him to get used to before the cacophony of the whole gym. He seems to be getting on pretty well with the tortoise for now.

Thomas has become pretty naughty now, and if you ask him to do anything he says “nope”. If you ask him if he wants something he likes he says “okay, si, si!” which is quite funny. Yesterday, we were doing our usual 2,4,6,8 who do we appreciate rhymes so I said “T”, and thomas said “O” and “M” so I said “TOM!” but thomas looked disappointed and said “Thom-as”! So we did T-H-O-M-A-S. Then we have to got through all the family members. It’s funny that he picks the next family member while I’m still trying to spell out the current one. Very confusing for me.

Oliver is 5.56kg now, and everyone is commenting on how big he is for his age, and other remarks like “he’s so long”. Grace, if you are reading – I now know what it feels like!

My mission to get in touch with old friends has been a complete success and i’ve cheered up immensely hearing about everyone else’s child trials, and lifestyles.

I have also been meeting some very nice people in uxbridge, which I hope potentially will become friends, to replace all those cowards who didn’t give up their lives in Norwich to come and hold my hand down here – you know who you are!

I have decided to pay through the nose to put Thomas into Gymboree classes. However, the best class for him at the moment is on a friday afternoon, and I’m busy for most of those, and we’re away on holiday soon, so maybe I’ll wait til we are back. There are still a few parent & toddler groups locally I haven’t tried yet.

Oliver has just dropped off to sleep, which of course means that Thomas has just started to wake up. I know they do it on purpose…


beanie babies

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long – struggling to stay awake for any non-kids time at the moment!

We bought Thomas a bean bag yesterday, as everyone else has a chair except him. We think he likes it, and also seized a photo opportunity:

It was hard to get the best of both of them, as if one was smiling, the other one wasn’t!


Also, for news, we’ve started going to a parent and toddler group every tuesday, which is good for getting us all out of the house, though I spent most of the last one changing nappies – I guess the boys both find it relaxing!

Also, I’ve been continuing to get in touch with old friends which is a real boost. I got a haircut the other day which also helps a bit, though it’s a bit average.

OOooh, you’ve gotta check out this lot: keiretsu as they’re gonna be huge huge HUGE very soon! (I’ve bought my albums now, before they get expensive!)


Instant fame

So, if you watch tele on your computer, and you set your screensaver to be your photo collection, and you are only half watching breakfast tele, and have forgotten that you set your screensaver to your photo collection, and you hear an article about babies, so look up and see… YOURSELF! For a heart-stopping millisecond, I thought I was on tele! DOH! (Sorry – proper posting will resume in due course).



I have just dipped my toes into Facebook, and it turns out that everyone i’ve ever known ever is on there. A big up to my old schoolfriend Jo Castle (now Jones) who got me into it.

Oliver has just turned 7 weeks, is smiling at people and doing that cute thing where he looks at his hands as if to say “ooh! what are these!?” Otherwise not much to report. He’s getting bigger, I’m starting to wonder whether to give up on Nature Babycare nappies and switch to cheap ones, because Oliver is podgy round the tummy, and the Nature Babycare nappies aren’t elasticated, which I think would help them fit better. Maybe, to compensate, I can put Thomas back into his washable nappies, and use the time I spend at the moment washing leaked-on babygrows, into washing those instead!