grandparents on duty

Yayo introduces Oliver to himself, which they both found very funny!
yayo ollie in the mirror

And Yaya provides an extra pair of hands for a duet…
yaya thomas piano


Gratuitous nudity!

OK, not really, but I wanted to report that I have been keeping the british end up by getting horribly sunburnt today. Bloody idiot. From now on, we are not going to the beach until after 6pm.


Luckily my not-quite-two-year-old son has far more sense and planted himself firmly under an umbrella where he was seriously busy with sand:

Thomas playing in the sand

Ollie seemed to find the gentle sea breeze pretty relaxing too!

Ollie lying around at the beach



I’m afraid that while I’m getting a little time, with doting grandparents around to look after the boys (all 3 of them – you’re right, Ads!) you will be subjected to a few achronological / unchronological / dischronological posts. (maybe someone can tell me the correct prefix). Also, as I’m adjusting to posting on a mac there are a few teething troubles.

Anyway, back to the real post. I thought I’d better post this as a record. We’re trying out the “older” baby arrangement with the buggy. This means Ollie can’t lie flat, which is of course a sin, and also, as he is so big already, the buggy is fairly easy to tip if Thomas isn’t sitting in the top seat. However, little things are minimal compared to just how great it is in terms of space-saving!



visiting family

So, Ollie has made his first flight, aged 3 months, and Thomas is clocking them up on his 8th flight, at 21 months.

The journey went really well, and we got a lot of comments on the buggy, and most importantly, I was soon sipping Cava and eating Manchego and Sobrasada.

Thomas also wasted no time in getting stuck in with his Yaya:

He also managed to look like ET as he staggered home in his too-big crocs!



This morning as we were waking up to the screaming row our neighbours opposite were having, I reflected on the fact that, when we first moved here, and everything was new and unfamiliar, the sound of people swearing at the top of their voices in the street frightened me a little, whereas this morning, I have grown so used to it, it was almost comforting – and we could feel warmly smug that, today, it wasn’t us.


1 in 10, oh and cradle-cap miracle cure

Thomas counted from 1 to 10 the other day, but I think it was a bit of a fluke, as he hasn’t done it again since. (I think he thought I would be so pleased that I would stop putting him to bed).

On Wednesday, he didn’t get a nap and we entered going-to-bed HELL in the evening – completely ruined the film we were trying to watch, too.

So on Thursday we gave up and brought him down on the sofa- anything for a quiet House-episode watching. We’ll start up with all the sleep-in-the-damn-cot training when we get back from visiting grandparents.

On the plus side, he has started appreciating the Just-So stories, which I decided to read to him through the screaming. This also tells me he’s not being traumatised by the experience.

The health visitor almost completely cured Ollie’s cradle cap, by massaging olive oil into his head for ages. This means the yukky stuff just lifts off the head easily. We’ve been doing this for a few days and it’s nearly all cleared up.

As I type, he is just learning to hold a small toy in his hand, though the amount of dribble he is producing with all the concentration is making me want to give him a spitoon rather than a toy.

As for me, well, we just changed broadband provider to Orange, and for a little while I thought my Linux mail client (Evolution) wasn’t going to work with it, as I wasn’t able to send mail. Bizarrely, I solved the problem by downloading a different mail client to try (Claws) which then gave me a useful error message (“set your SMTP server to this….”) even though that email client didn’t work at all. So I went back to the old one, changed the sendmail server and it works fine!

Also, my hard drive is full, so I’m considering an overhaul, and maybe getting rid of windows altogether. I shall only miss Cool Edit, but that doesn’t really exist any more, and I should move with the times. I am going to try something called Logic Pro, on the Mac…

Oh and I got a new phone with the Orange pay plan, decided to stay with Nokia, so it’s an N73. It’s ok, though I haven’t investigated its full potential just yet.

We also got most of the car fixed so it can trundle along for another year. They are much more particular down here than in Norwich – things it passed last time with gaffa tape just didn’t fly this time. We will probably have to get another car before the next MOT. I’m really excited to contemplate getting a people carrier – this would of course justify having lots more kids. I’m not much of a baby person, but I do like children, and presumably, the more you have, the higher the chance is of “getting it right”. Statistically speaking, if you have 10 kids, 1 of them is bound to turn out ok.



The one downfall in my Linux OS (Ubuntu) is that I can’t seem to get the redeye correction tool to compile to use in the GIMP. So I’ve been redeye correcting on the mac and then transferring the files to my laptop to post. So this morning I thought I’d try making a photo album for the web on the mac, instead of using Galrey which is what I’ve used before.

This is it: pictures of Ollie .

It’s ok, but a bit bulky for my needs, and I can’t understand the Javascript, whereas at least the code that Galrey makes, is pretty easy to comprehend.

Also, I don’t like the slideshow business, and you don’t get the full quality massively-sized photo to download, for people who want to print off and frame (like grandparents!).

Speaking of grandparents, we were watching a piece about family on Something Special and of course grandma and grandpa came up. It made me wonder whether Thomas is going to understand what those are, as all his grandparents are called something strange: Yayo, Yaya, Bedstefar and Bedstemor! I know that I didn’t realise “bedstemor” was danish for grandma when I was growing-up, I just thought that is what she was called!


waiting for holidays, new transport, and buddha

This is mostly a photo post.

Firstly Thomas is really looking forward to his holidays in Spain:
thomas sun gear

Then, due to some buggy problems, we have found a temporary alternative, which is actually rather fun:
The buggy board was very kindly donated by Jo’s friend Victoria, who I met while I was still pregnant, to try and see how to cope with two! (Though i’m still no where near that organised!)

Also, here is a nice one of Ollie chilling out on his changing mat, and also a record that he lifts his head pretty well now:

And finally, just because he is so chunky and, well, fatter than I thought a baby of mine would be, well here is a picture of him with lots of fat-buddha shaped folds. Although, as my dad and I established the guy who is mostly referred to as “Buddha” couldn’t have been fat, as he starved himself for a while, and human bodies tend not to recover well from that. However, David pointed out that “buddha” just means “enlightened one” so even a fat person could be a buddha. Oh, and Thomas has started saying buddha instead of “boddy” but only sometimes.


Ollie pics

Just a couple of pictures of him, to remind me he’s cute when he keeps me awake all night.
He give me this puzzled look sometimes, as if trying to figure something out:

And here is another from the same shoot:


Oliver update

Ollie continues to be huge, and has already nearly outgrown the next two bags of Thomas’ hand-me-downs, as I haven’t got used to the fact he is so much bigger than Thomas was!

He has also developed cradle cap, which is totally yukky:

I finally met up with old school friends for a chat and babytalk, and had a really good afternoon. swapping stories:

I learnt a new move too:
I think this is a baby yoga move called the chinese swing, which Laura showed us. It seems to really work for Ollie, when all else fails, to calm him down!

Alice gave me some ideas about getting more sleep, which we’ve started to try. We put both babies to bed at the same time yesterday which worked well, though it took a long time. I hope we get quicker at it, with practice. Ollie got a good feed, and then a bottle as well, and did sleep for quite a long time, but I gave in and fed him at 1am, and again at 5am, so that’s something I need to work on.