Sorry about the lapse in posting: combination of net trouble and country change. Anyway, back on my comfortable old laptop now.

I was stunned at lunchtime when I started singing a bass tune – I don’t know the name of it, it’s a funk one that starts with a repeated note 3 times on the beat, and then goes up the scale. Anyway, Thomas started making clicking noises with his mouth, and I realised he was trying to beat-box for me! How cool is that for a 22-month-old!

Also, the other day, he spilt water all over the kitchen table (a regular occurance i’m afraid). He said in quick succession: “My GOD! My GOD! My GOD! Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind. Sorry about that.”


Oliver’s Progress…

So Ollie has grown at least a foot since we’ve been here, and in fact we measured him today at 65cm. Thomas comes in at 84cm, so just 20cm between them!

Also, Ollie has now started manipulating things in his hands into his mouth. Watching this activity whiles away the minutes as his jerky movements often result in him poking himself in the eye, much to my amusement!
oliver hands

oliver hands 2

Also, since his 3-months birthday he has really become a baby rather than a newborn – before this turning point, he would be mostly crying, whereas now he mostly smiles and laughs, and he only cries when he’s hungry, falling asleep or has wind.

Thomas is really speaking in sentances now, and is using spanish words in context. He still copies just about everything you say, though when he tries a new word, you have to think about it for a bit before you realise what he’s talking about. This caused much hilarity when his dad thought he was saying “Mo-fo” which turned out to be “sofa”. He often counts from 1 to 10 for no apparent reason, or when going down the stairs.

I’m reading “Father and Son” by Edmund Gosse at the moment, and while I’m not keen on these old-fashioned types of books, he does tell some funny anecdotes, and actually the language is fairly accessible.


photos I forgot

Here are some photos which somehow got left out of the collection so far:

nice pics of thomas

I’m *still* having trouble with the mac photo album, but I haven’t got too much time to investigate at the moment.


Technicolour dreamcoat

There are lots of stalls here for the festival of Villanova, and of course the usual types are around, and I would have bought all the hippy clothes if I wasn’t trying to be a bit more punk these days. (Oh and I wasn’t post-pregnant whale-sized).

Still, the kids clothes were totally great, and I would’ve bought Thomas a whole new wardrobe if I had the money and suitcase space. We did however settle on this little jacket, which is kinda funky. David thought the matching dungarees would’ve been just a bit too much…


Photos of the holiday so far

So, I’m still struggling a bit with the Mac’s way of making an online gallery, and if you ask me, Galrey, which is a small Linux programme, is much easier to use!

Anyway, I’ve managed to mishmash some collections together, though it’s a bit rough around the edges:

our holiday photos so far

I’m basically having difficulties understanding the structure of the files it creates, as you can probably tell from the url! Anyway, learning is good for the brain.

Let me know if you can’t see the photos.


Ollie firsts…

So another bit of asynchronous posting… this is Ollie’s first haircut, which actually took place on the 24th July, at just over 3 months old:
ollie haircut

As you can see he wasn’t too pleased about it:
ollie haircut unhappy

And while we’re on Ollie’s firsts, here he is having his first dip in the sea ever:
ollie first sea