Doin’ stuff

Thomas told me this morning “That ipod is not working!” which was quite true.

Also, Ollie in his usual morning wake-up chatter made a noise that sounded a bit like “YAY!” so Thomas started shouting “Ollie said ‘YAY!’ Look, mummy, Ollie said ‘YAY!'” which was almost enough to make me open my eyes and say “yes he did”. (Well it was VERY early).

Ollie is still gobbling up his solids. I’ve given him 2 meals with solids today, so maybe he’ll give us a good night. The down side is that, as Rachel in Friends says, “Now she’s on solids, she poops round the clock”. So I had to change a nappy at 5 o’clock this morning, which was unpleasant, but I was still pleased that he hadn’t woken me up before then. He can sit up for a few seconds before keeling over. I haven’t seen him manage to roll from his front to his back yet, but he does it a lot the other way.

Some photos now. Here is an action shot (which accounts for its blurriness) of Thomas and Bedstemor making bread together:

Also, Thomas decided he needed to wear a watch today, so his dad indulged him, but it does look a bit large…

Also, my old schoolfriends and I managed to get together again, so Ollie had some playmates. Here he is with Thomas, who was helping to bounce his bouncy chair.
ollie Thomas Lemon


The social butterfly

Well this week, we seem to have been busy ALL the time!

Toddler group on Monday, then into town on Tuesday morning, back in time for the health visitor in the afternoon. Then another toddler group on Wednesday (new one) then visiting a nursery on Thursday, with our Homestart volunteer coming in the afternoon. On Friday we were going to go to a childrens corner at the library, but we may go down to Woking instead.

Thomas is really enjoying the toddler groups. He rushes off to play when we get there, and only comes back to see me occasionally. I’m hoping he will be able to do the same when he starts nursery. He still won’t sing in public, however, which is a puzzle, as I always join in, and I’m careful not to be over-boistrous to embarrass him or anything, so I don’t know why he is so reluctant to join in. He was even singing “American Pie” by Don McLean at home this morning, so you think he’d manage Baa Baa Black Sheep in front of others.


Quick update

Just wanted to record some events in the last couple of days.

Yesterday, Thomas slept in his bed for the first time. I think the fact that he’s free to roam around the room hasn’t occurred to him yet, so we haven’t had any trouble so far. He also requested to sit on the potty after his bath yesterday, so I indulged him, but he actually managed to produce a full pee! (I was quite shocked at how much there was – makes you think how good nappies are these days!) So he got much praise, and I let him wear proper pants for about half an hour. We went and got a 5-pack of Thomas the Tank Engine pants today, and he tried to put three pairs on all at once when he got them home.

Ollie is totally charming as ever. He seems to smile and laugh all the time, as long as he’s not tired or hungry. He ate sweet potato for the first time today, and gobbled it up like everything else we put in front of him. He’s been drinking slightly less milk, which is a bit of a worry, as early weaning can mean that they don’t have room for as much milk as they need. I’m hoping that he might just be a bit under the weather with a cold, that we’ve all had. He slept until 5.20am this morning, though I didn’t feed him until after 7. This means I had the longest sleep I think since he was born! I feel fantastic!


2nd, 3rd and 4th day of weaning…

So, just for record-keeping purposes, Ollie had more baby rice on the 2nd day, then some apple puree mixed with milk and baby rice on the 3rd day, and today he had carrot puree with baby rice. I gave him quite a lot today, and he wolfed it all down. He only managed 7oz of his bottle afterwards.

To make the purees, I’ve been using a luxury item, which I don’t think we’d ever have got for ourselves, but were kindly given by Yaya and Yayo: a “Babycook”. This is a fantastic invention for time-saving, and lazy types like me. You steam the veg/fruit and then tip it into the bottom where you can blend it – easy-peasy!

He has started sleeping more and more. He is gradually waking up later and later, though he still wakes for “no” reason. But the time at which he really wants a feed is gradually creeping up to something acceptable -5.45am this morning. If this creeps all the way to 7am then the boys will both be managing 10 hours a night! (I’m not holding my breath…)

Today we had a lovely lunch at Bedstemor and Bedstefar’s, to celebrate Bedstemor’s birthday. This included football in the garden with Aunty Jo and Uncle Tiggs afterwards, which made Thomas’ day!

However, I think the boys are both coming down with a cold, as they both have runny noses, and Thomas wasn’t quite as boisterous as usual.

Thomas is becoming much easier to put to bed now. He usually settles without crying now, and I can leave the room while he is still awake.

I’ve finally caught up with my New Scientistst, after our holiday – over a month later! I have started reading “Call the Midwife” by Jennifer Worth, which is a midwife’s account of the slums of post-war East London.


1st day of weaning – 2nd child!

OK, so yesterday, we gave Ollie his first baby rice. He gulped it down, and tried to eat the bowl and spoon too. Then he gulped down 8oz of formula straigh after. He had the same again today, slightly thicker consistency. We’ve been feeding him up lately, so I’ve been putting as much in as I can. He drank 11.5oz this evening. If there is any correlation between how much milk they drink to how much sleep they manage, then we should be in for a 14 hour refresher tonight…

He is definitely on a growth spurt, and the red cheeks and bum suggest teeth might be imminent. He is wearing dungarees that Thomas was walking in at 11 months, so that goes to show how differently-sized they are.

Thomas is gaining confidence in his singing, and “played” Baa Baa Black Sheep on the piano and sang to it yesterday. He was also much more jolly at Tiny Talk this week.


Looking up…

Well, we need a more positive post after yesterday’s miseryness.

Today has been better. Both boys have cheered me up this morning. Ollie woke up suddenly able to reach out and grab things, rather thanjust grabbing things thrust into his hand. He even reached out to grab his brother who was standing nearby earlier. Also, another small revelation: I’ve been wondering exactly what the best way to persuade a 5-to-6 month-old that he doesn’t need a dummy any more, and today Ollie showed me how – when he was fussing for the dummy, he reached out and shoved his muslin square in the mouth instead. Spot on.

Thomas has also been great. This morning he climbed into his highchair all by himself, and strapped himself in. Quite apart from the physical hurdles this poses, we normally have to drag him kicking and screaming to the table, so this was quite a sight. Then he counted to 10 with me (though he misses out 4 and 5 these days) and then he counted with me in spanish from 1 to 10, repeating each number perfectly. Then he pointed to the calpol that was on the counter and said “Give Thomas Calpol” which was a bit worrying, also a bit endearing. He has also started playing with his train-set that he got for Christmas, which he has been scared of for 9 months! It’s his favourite toy now. He has also named a toy dog “Nona” (pronounced Nonna in English) after one of the dogs he stayed with in Spain.

For my part, I have broken yet another of my pre-parent “I’m not going to be like that” preconceptions: yesterday, Thomas was so well-behaved in the face of a stressful and frustrating afternoon being stuck in the buggy, I impulsively bought him a toy on the way home at 5.29pm. This means I’ve made the decision between “Happyland” and “Little People”. From now on, folks, it’s Happyland all the way til Playmobile.

I leave you with a picture of Thomas in his new tracksuit:



Hell is here!

So, the thing about being the parents of two young babies, is that you expect nights-from-hell now-and-again. But it strikes me that if you are having nights-from-hell EVERY night, then you are logically, and actually, IN HELL!

Anyway, I’m hoping the doctor will make it all go away this afternoon, otherwise I know exactly which telephone box I’m going to leave Ollie in on the way home.

I’m hoping she will tell me to start giving him solids, and I’m going to even if she doesn’t. I’m sure he wakes up ALL NIGHT because he is hungry, even though when he wakes the first few times, he doesn’t look for food.

He has lately taken to exploding poo in the early hours of the morning, which he revels in by rolling over all the time you are trying to clean it off him. He is now chewing the breast rather than drinking from it, and if you turn your head away for 5 minutes, he grows out of the clothes you just fetched for him.

Still, I expect this nightmare will pass once he is competently guzzling his purees and baby rice. I will let you know…

On a different matter, what the books should tell you is whether is better value to go for “Happyland” or “Little People” playsets.


some photos

This post is mainly about photos, but a couple of updates too.

Firstly, I’ve been ill with an upset stomach which is only to be expected as my sleep is SERIOUSLY compromised at the moment. Ollie is waking up all the time at night, so I’m taking him to the doctors on Wednesday. I suspect that I should start giving him solids, which might ease the problem. I had been feeling a bit rough on Saturday, but I think I’d have managed to fight it off, if it hadn’t been for the night-from-hell on Saturday night, with both boys wide awake at 4am, and messing about. This means that I won’t be doing much today, and Thomas and Ollie will overdose on Cbeebies.

Thomas is a real talker now, and is starting to sort out his pronouns, saying “your foot” and “my foot”. Ollie is rolling all over the place, and seems to shout at whatever object he is holding in his hand!

Anyway, the photos. Here is some of them when they had just woken up:



This is Ollie boogie-ing to the Salmon Song by the Chemical Brothers, which is our favourite at the moment:

Thomas hanging around:
thomas upside down

And lastly, this is what Thomas and Bedstefar get up to when they want to get away from womenfolk…


Tiny talkers

Oliver went to his first Tiny Talk today – at 5months-minus-one-week old. Thomas did his usual silent sullen-ness, only he also had to cling on to my leg, as I now hold Ollie on my lap, so he can’t scramble up there. I’m hoping he’ll warm up a bit quicker each time, and participate a bit more as he re-familiarises himself with it again. Ollie on the other hand loved it and smiled after nearly every song!

I’ve just looked back at my blog entries, to see that Thomas didn’t start Tiny Talk til he was around 7 months old. It was also interesting to see all the other things he was and wasn’t doing at around this age!



Thomas was waving and shouting hello at a helicopter yesterday, and it was only later I realised he was saying “Hellocopter”. Awww, how cute.