Video comes to EMP

I’m hoping you will be able to see a video of Ollie in his bouncer…

Just to warn you, this video is 5.3MB.

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2007/11/olliebouncing.swf, 288, 352[/SWF]


Photos of October

Just wanted to post a link to some highlights of October, including Thomas’ birthday.

October’s photos

This aren’t really intended to be looked at online, they are more for downloading if you want to print them (i’m thinking mostly of family here, obviously!)

I’m also just learning how to make a flash version of a video from my phone, and how to post that on here, so watch this space!


strange child

I have to wonder, why does Thomas want to go to sleep clutching the instructions for our Orange broadband router in his hand?!?!? It’s not a one off – he has used this “comforter” (a small black and orange booklet) at least twice before. Are all kids this strange? ?!?


More and more pottying

Thomas continues to want to use the potty. He pooed in it this morning, which was new, as I thought he had just been doing it in the afternoons for a bit of entertainment. Then, just after this, he pooed in his nappy. Then he did another 2 seperate poos in the potty in the afternoon. I think I’m supposed to be pleased about all this, but it is quite time-consuming, and I hadn’t really been planning to potty-train him just yet. Anyway, he wore “grown-up” pants from around 5pm until bed time. I have taken a book out of the library about potty-training, as I feel that Thomas is doing his bit, so I owe him at least to find out a bit more about it.

A major breakthrough for me today. After toddler-group, 4 of us went to a cafe in town and had brunch. It was the first time I felt like I would have been doing the same in Norwich with my post-natal group friends from Thomas’ arrival. It was wonderful to sit and chat again, and feel like I’d made more progress in my friend-making mission.

Having said all that, the boys donned their smartest shirts on Sunday to attend a 1st birthday party. So we have made at least one set of friends. We had a great time and I hope to post you some pictures soon.

Ollie is reaching a big milestone as well this weekend, so we have started progressing to 6months+ things. He has started using the odd unsterillised bowl here and there, and he had his first cereal today. Heinz Baby cereal made with oats. so his first gluten. Of course he gobbled it down. We’ve also moved up to Aptamil 3 which is from 6 months.

I should also mention while I remember, that Thomas and Ollie get on really well at the moment. Thomas often gives him kisses, and loves to hold his hand. Ollie is the first person Thomas wants to see in the morning. In return, Thomas makes Ollie laugh more than anyone else can. Thomas also delights in Ollie’s progress and tells us “Ollie said ah-urgh, mummy! Ollie said urgh-ah, mummy!” or “Ollie rolled over!” The other day when Ollie finally produced a burp after his milk Thomas said “There he goes!”

Thomas has also started making polite conversation with me at the dinner table. One evening when David wasn’t home for dinner, Thomas looked at me and said “Mummy, Dora said ‘be careful!’ to Boots”. “Dora said, ‘watch out!’ to Boots”. He was referring to the programme “Dora the Explorer” which he is allowed to watch because it teaches him Spanish. Thomas also sings a lot at home, and has started to sing proper pitches in tune (occasionally). He can also sing most of the alphabet without prompting.

On the down side, both boys, and David and I, are still getting over this cold, and the boys sound like 80-year-old chain-smokers in the morning, which is heart-breaking to witness. This had also made Thomas very clingy and tearful. Also, he rarely has an afternoon nap these days, so he gets really tired by bedtime. I think he still needs one now and again.


potty potty poo poo

Lo hicimos! (is that right? I’ve learnt it from Dora the Explorer, which Thomas cannot get enough of at the moment.) We’ve pooed in the potty! (When I say “we” of course I meant “he” – I haven’t resorted to anything THAT drastic!)

This evening, Thomas asked for his potty, so I sat him on it in front of the Simpsons, while I rushed around the kitchen trying to get dinner ready. Thomas came up to the stairgate to get me and when I came in, the potty was er… used! This is a big improvement, as I was worried he was only ever going to use it for wee. Much praise was endowed, and he got to wear his cool “football pants” for a bit. He then told me he needed to wee as well, so I put it back for him and left him again. This would’ve worked well, if he hadn’t decided that he wanted to be helpful and empty it for me too. So I came into the living-room to a nearly-empty potty and a large wet patch on the carpet!

This is obviously very exciting, but I’m not sure whether this means we potty train now or not. I’ve read somewhere that “showing interest doesn’t mean that he’s ready”. I’m going to try to take it as it comes as much as is possible, and alternate between nappies, pull-up pants, and “cool” grown-up pants until some external force pushes me to stop the nappy stuff altogether.

Anyway, luckily for you, I decided a photo of Thomas’ efforts wasn’t necessary, but I did consider it…

By the way, the title of this post is also the title of a book that the librarian recommended to us, having got “Who’s in the Loo?” by Adrian Reynolds. The latter is certainly brilliant and I swear that’s what made Thomas decided to use the potty, as his interest only started when we got it out (from the library).

Ollie weighs nearly 8kg now! And with 3 solid meals a day, plus 2 bottles and 3 breastfeeds, it feels like I am feeding him ALL THE TIME! This isn’t helping him sleep though, and last night he woke me at 1.30, 2.30, and 3.30. At 4am I gave in and fed him. At 6.30am Thomas woke up and was feeling so poorly that he wouldn’t settle again, so I dragged us both onto the sofa, and reached for the Calpol and coffee.

We’ve all had a stinking cold. Ollie doesn’t seem to mind that much and just coughs and splutters and smiles. Thomas was really really clingy today, and cried even when I tried to get something from the kitchen. I made him a special breakfast – hot æblegrød baby stylee, with milk. He loved it. (I used dried apricots instead of sugar to sweeten it, and steamed the lot. I didn’t use vanilla pods either). I lavished TLC on him all day today, so he’d damn-well better be better tomorrow…


feeding time at the…

well, ok, it’s not quite a zoo, though it does feel like it sometimes, especially when David is home too…

Ollie got his new high chair on Saturday, but this is the first time he got to sit in it, as some other young chap seemed rather keen to “wear it in” for him.

So now we have colourful plastic for everyone!

And finally, we all took our snuffly noses to toddler group this morning, and this is a picture of us on the way home:


Little Britain

So, we went on a quick outing to “Little Britain Lake” which is about a mile down the road from us. We went with our Homestart volunteer, who has been showing us all these nice places. We saw lots of ducks, geese and swans.

Here is Thomas posing on a tree. He had a bad cold that say, so of course the toddler’s solution to a runny nose, is to stick something up it. In this case it’s his own tongue, though he did try a drinking straw the other day…


So, I should record that now we are into our 3rd week of solids for Ollie, he gets solids 3 times a day, 2 bottles and about 3 breastfeeds. He is sleeping better since we increased the feeds to 3, but I still think the dummy is a pain, as I seem to constantly be getting up to put it back in, without him really waking up. I tried to ignore the request, but he just became hysterical. I think we just need to put up with a couple of days of screaming, and then we can get rid of it.

Thomas is sleeping very well these days, and has been really since just before Ollie was born, with a few hiccups now and then, but usually goes to sleep around 8.30pm and wakes up around 7am ish. He is very happy in his grown-up bed and has even asked to go to bed a couple of times. He just did two more wee-wees in the potty today, but I think these are more for enterainment and interest, than any serious attempt to get out of nappies, as it always occurs when he gets out of the bath, and he makes no attempt to do poos in there. I do think he would be potty-trainable right now, if he could run around naked all the time, as I think it is the nakedness that inspires him to sit on the potty.

Anyway, we had been letting his hair grow, as it seemed to suit his personality for a while, but he really did start to look like a girl, and it was getting in his eyes. Just lately he has been showing a much more dynamic personality, and being very chatty to other children, and even a random customer (male) at IKEA, so I decided he should have a haircut to match. However, I’m still too chicken to take him to a hairdresser, so we settled for a grade 8 all over with the clippers, à la Elise Plans.
Here are the “before” and “after” photos: