Thomas Plans sings Robeson

While it’s mostly just the three of us for dinner these days, we’ve found more time for singing…

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Wisley Gardens

So just down the A3 is Wisley Gardens, which is a perfect place to take your bedstemor out for an airing… no, seriously, the boys had a really good time.



BC – Before CBeebies

I dunno how people coped before relentless children’s tele. I’m afraid that television was left in charge of the kids yesterday as we all had a bad cold, so had a very non-action day. Today as well was a bit of a washout, but one exciting thing did come out of it.

We watched “Big Cook, Little Cook” which I actually detest for some reason, but it was enough to get me looking on the website for a recipe. We found an easy recipe for bean burgers which had ingredients we had lying around, or could at least substitute for. So we substituted pinto beans for kidney beans, and scraped the worst off a decaying carrot, and added sweetcorn to the recipe (Thomas’ fave) and substituted Havarti for Mozarella and made some healthy, and not-too-bad lunch. Thomas played his part, mushing up the beans. I couldn’t actually taste very much, because of my cold, but I got the odd hint of curry powder, and Thomas ate a whole one on his own, so it can’t have been too awful. Anyway, now I know it’s there, I might look again for inspiration.


catch-up, regression, cost of living

Lots to report, so this post may be a bit scatty.

Firstly, Thomas has regressed back into nappies. This is a shame, but I think the novelty wore off, and partly because I was taken by surprise, and not prepared, maybe we didn’t make a big enough thing of it for long enough – we all got a bit complacent when we were used to him using the toilet. He did manage a couple of wees in the potty this morning. I’m contemplating a sticker chart for him, as these are reported to work really well.

Also, I have truly joined the ranks of the upper middle class, having finally found a lovely cleaner to come once a week, and undergone cosmetic surgery! Ooh la la! Well, actually, it wasn’t cosmetic from my point of view, as a mole by my eye had become a lot larger during my pregnancies, and it kept looming disturbingly in my vision. Anyway, the best part of all this was the cost: I had thought it would be between £500 and £1000, which were the cheapest quotes I had, but my consultant was very sympathetic to the fact that I was “self-funding” rather than relying on insurance, so she organised for the cheapest arrangement in terms of premises and histology etc. Her initial consultation fee was £95, the actual “surgery” was only £30 and the histology was £137 which means the total cost was only £262. The 25 minute train journey between Woking and Waterloo cost £15.50 which is outrageous! I used my Oyster card for the first time that day too, and that IS great.

Thomas has started telling me he loves me very much, which is pretty rewarding after a hard day’s parenting. He is attempting to put my slipper on my foot as I type.

I also spent £50 on a haircut from Toni&Guy, I think it’s a total rip-off, but it did look pretty good the first day. (photo to follow)…

Also, Ollie picked up a Lego (quattro) brick and tried to stack it onto the tower of bricks in front of him, so maybe we’ll get an architect in the family after all…!


Ollie development post

This post is mostly about Ollie.

I have taken a couple of photos to match with moments I recorded in Thomas’ life.

This is the post to look at for comparison:
April 2006

And a new skill:
Here is the archived post: April 2006

Thomas has also been working a few things out for himself. The other day he stood in a plastic box and tried to lift himself up. “I can’t carry me!” he said.

Finally where most babies suck on a dummy for comfort, Ollie is happy just to hold it in his hand…



The other day, I sent David out to buy a “rotary airer” which is a washing line to you and me. One of those you stick in the ground and open like an umbrella. Anyway, he duly brought one home, and it looks perfect though I haven’t tried it yet, but I am intrigued by the picture on the packet:


I mean, what sort of people are they targeting here? Does he not look like some dodgy spy or private detective? Do these sort of people even do washing? I think 007 would look sorta strange carrying this around, even if he could operate a satellite uplink from it…



Just catching up on a few photos…

This is just a greyscale version of a photo of Ollie, as I had a couple of these of Thomas when he was around this age:

From the same series, here is a great toothless grin from him:

Also, for a better look at the “Grand Designs” sticklebrick house that Thomas and I built. At least Ollie was impressed!

Now we move on to a picture of Thomas to bring out when he starts bringing girlfriends home. There is a defect in the picture, which must’ve been something on the lens, looks like a whitish blotch on his face.thomas on the loo

Also, as a record of a milestone, here is Ollie sitting up for the first time, but he is on the verge of crumpling into himself, so this makes his head look ENORMOUS!

And finally this picture was taken about an hour ago, so you can’t complain I don’t keep you up-to-date!


Breakthroughs on a sunny day.

We had a good day today, me and the boys.

We went to Tiny Talk this morning, and met someone I like who has two girls with a 2-year age gap. Thomas also threw caution to the wind, and asked to go to the toilet, and actually did a wee on a “strange” toilet he had never seen before. I was very impressed. I feel a lot better, as I had thought I had ruined his chances of ever getting out of nappies by my own incompetence, and unprepared-ness. Thomas, luckily, doesn’t need me, and is pretty much doing all by himself.

Ollie is starting to sit up now. He can manage a few minutes by himself though is at that stage when he can drop sideways at any minute. Also, if he’s tired, he sort of folds into his ample tummy.

I’m a little concerned that he’s not getting enough milk, as he seems to be dropping his mid-morning feed, and not guzzling his over-sized bottles with as much gusto as before.

Another great thing that happened this week is that the boys met my Aunty Betty, who came over from Wales. Ollie was mesmerised by her, and simply beamed at her all the time. Thomas took 5 minutes to get over being shy, and was equally enamoured with her.

Thomas has been amazingly good today, even by his standards. Even I was impressed at how clever he seemed to be today. We were playing with his Meccano set (actually called “Big Builder” from the Early Learning Centre) and he was able to follow my instructions, and is starting to get the hang of turning the nuts the correct way, so he can screw things together.

Any time I asked him to go and get something for me, or for Ollie, he jumped to it. And while I slaughtered our ivy in the garden, he rushed over to Ollie every time he cried, and put his dummy in his mouth, or entertained him in some way. He showed unbelievable self-control around all the dangerous garden tools (the saw, the have-your-finger-off hedge trimmers etc) by not touching them when I left them lying around to tempt him. He was just a fantastic chappy all day.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, while we were on the loo today (we spend a lot of time in there these days) I told him we were going to count to 10 and then give up (I was getting pretty bored by this point) and he said “shall we count in spanish? shall we?” and said the first 5 numbers before me, and the last 5 with me (he needed a bit of prompting from 6 upwards).

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t feel like a gloating email – I had such a crap day on Wednesday, I feel like I have to make the most of the good ones!