Season’s Greetings

So, this week has been very busy. Thomas and Ollie have had their respective 2 year and 8 months check-ups and all is well so far. I had a job interview today, which I think went pretty well, but I’m sitting here with crossed fingers until I hear from them. However, if I do get the job, I will have to do the hard work of organising child care. Urgh.

Thomas’ singing is getting better and better, and he is starting to sing in tune more and more. I haven’t got any recent examples, so here he is a couple of weeks ago:

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2007/12/away.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


Another Photo Post

So a few photos of what we’ve been up to lately.

Firstly here’s a photo of when our babysitters came over to allow us a night at the cinema, mentioned in Happy Hurdles:

Here are a few things that Ollie has been up to, which just goes to show, the simplest things make the best toys:

Also, here is another cute picture of Thomas in a tree when we were at Wisley, from the post Wisley Gardens:

And finally, to get into the Christmas spirit a bit, we put a bit of effort in, and got a tree up. A little angel put the star on the top 😉


Thomas can

Just yesterday I told Thomas that he wouldn’t be able to do a certain activity on his VTech Laptop, as he was too little, and today he can do it. The activity goes: “Remember the word and type in the letter!” A word is displayed on the screen, and then shown again with a letter missing, and Thomas has to press the correct letter. He is able to get it right most of the time.

He is singing “Away in the Manger” a lot at the moment, – hopefully some video to follow… He also just sang Happy Birthday to “mummy and Ollie” then “mummy, Ollie and Daddy” then “Happy Birthday to Everyone!” How nice!


language aquisition

So Thomas has moved up a stage in his speech. Apparently all kids begin speaking with correct grammar as they simply copy adults, but then when they start to think and rationalise the words, they try out words which seem logical but are incorrect like “I see’ed it” “I did bought it”. Well Thomas keeps saying “No! It’s my’s!” where he used to say “it’s mine!”. He also says “me’s” sometimes. And he has been experimenting with “she’s” instead of “hers” and various past tenses. Actually he has been doing this for a few weeks now, but I haven’t got around to reporting it! He often says to me “Daddy and I bought it for you at Tesco’s”. He also spots supermarket logos EVERYWHERE! “You got this at Morrisson’s, I think?” he says. He also showed me up at Tiny Talk by saying “That T-shirt came from Tesco’s!” Thank goodness his obsession with Ikea seems to be waning.

He is also becoming more naughty, or at least sticking to his guns and flagrantly says “NO!” if he doesn’t want to do something you asked him to do. He also threw a tantrum in town the other day, where he transfomed into a small demon in front of my eyes – he completely changed in appearance and everything! Luckily I was so baffled that I was totally calm, and just got him outside into fresh air and talked to him calmly. When it subsided, it was as if nothing had happened!


Happy hurdles!

Well, some exciting things have happened lately. I’ve met someone at a toddler group who I like and hope to build a friendship with. On Thursday, Thomas was at his bedstemor & bedstefar’s for the night, so David stayed home with Ollie while I went to the pub by myself with a New Scientist, and had a couple of pints. It was total bliss. The pub I have picked is the The Queen’s Head in Uxbridge UB8 1AB which is a perfect “regulars” pub. The bar staff have middle-class accents, and the locals were discussing who did the first heart transplant, and another couple of lads were talking about playing Mahler’s fifth. I think I shall be very happy there, once I’ve become part of the furniture.

Also, for the first time since Ollie was born, 7.5 months ago, we asked my mum and dad to babysit so David & I could go out. It was only the third time David and I have been out together since Thomas was born in 2005! We had a quick pint at the aforementioned pub and then went to see The Golden Compass which is based on the first book of a mind-blowing trilogy by Philip Pullman called “His Dark Materials”. The film was pretty good, especially the Ice-bear, though I feel that we are already too used to clever CGI to be too impressed these days.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time even with the wierdness of being out “on a date” with each other again!



I have a friend in Tel Aviv who has twins, a boy and a girl, who have just had their 3rd birthday. It got me thinking a lot about siblings and the implications of twins, and just how different a person can be over 18 months in minute detail. What I mean is, the mummy I was when Thomas was 6 months is a very different mummy to the mummy I was when Oliver was 6 months. This may all sound very obvious but in relation to most adults who know me, I probably don’t seem that different from 1 year to the next (a few more grey hairs and wrinkles excepted!). Anyway, I tied myself in knots thinking about it, especially in comparison to twins, where both children experience the same sort of mum at the same time.

I have since totally forgotten all about it, but decided to have a bit of fun with the GIMP which is essential free software on any Linux system, and actually I used it in windows too. Anyway:

Also, I started to get a bit fed up with a struggle I’m having in Ubuntu. However, I booted into Windows for a few minutes to recover some itunes tracks, and hated it intensely, after mere seconds! It made me reboot just because I’d plugged in a flash drive – I mean, isn’t that ridiculous? I may have to buckle under intense pressure from certain family members and use a Mac.