Christmas Party

So, I realise Christmas should be a long-forgotten event, especially since we have just had Easter, but the boys have unbelievably decided to sleep today, so I’m catching up on posts and emails!

Here are some pictures of the Christmas party the boys went to, held by Homestart, which is a volunteer organisation which helps parents with 2 or more young children, who are struggling to cope. I was referred to them by my Health Visitor. It was a very useful and successful resource, and I think we would have been much worse off without it!

tpom pom

They were dressed up as pirates:
thomas pirate

And then for some party food. Thomas doesn’t look overly impressed, but I think he had a good time really.
thomas xmas party


My Tank Engine Pants

This is what Thomas calls his “grown-up” pants. If you’d never heard of “Thomas the Tank Engine” you would really wonder what on earth he was talking about…

So for a few days now we’ve been wearing big boy pants, just putting nappy pants on to go out. We’ve only had a couple of minor leaks so far. Today we went to toddler group in pants and all went well. I think I’m almost being a little too cautious, as Thomas seems to have got it already. He still likes a sticker occasionally, and needs reminding if he is being distracted by something interesting, but on the whole it’s going pretty well. I’m nervous about our first trip to town in pants. I might try a practice run in nappy pants, though as a lot of people are finding out, these can be too much like a nappy for them to think about it. He is a little older than most of his friends who are toilet training, or have been, so I think we’ve definitely left it long enough. I’m hoping that Ollie will be a bit sooner, as he will have a big brother to copy.

Otherwise, I feel like I’m settling into parenting, which has only taken 2-and-a-half-years! I’m finally feeling that the logistics are fitting into our lives, rather than trying to fit some life in between all the logistical side of having two small children. Even the sleep disruption just seems like another small part of the proceedings, instead of the end of the world, which is how it can seem when you are too exhausted. Dare I say it, I’m actually enjoying children!

Ollie has started letting go of furniture and standing up for a few seconds here and there. He is also saying “mama” a lot more clearly, and in context. He can now sign “more” properly, but apart from the four or five signs he knows, he refuses to do any new ones!


baby signing part 2

So I wanted to document the signing a bit more, as I think it is such a great thing. Don’t forget to look up your local “Tinytalk” classes on the internet. Ollie signed “duck” when one came on the tele this morning. We managed to film a bit of him signing “duck”, “all gone” and “more”. He is just learning how to do “more” properly, clapping the back of his hand, rather than just clapping, which is how Thomas started as well.

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/03/olliesigning.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


baby signing & sleeping

So Ollie has started signing in earnest. He signs “duck” (when he ‘sings’ Old Mac Donald) “nappy” and “all gone” and “more”. When I sign something new, he smiles at me as if to say “that’s interesting” but he doesn’t copy straight away. For example, I’ve been madly signing “cat” at all the cat pictures we find, but he just smiles politely at me. He has also started saying “mummma” in context.

Ollie currently snores like a 50-year-old drunk. Otherwise, David and I have been pleasantly surprised that both kids have suddenly figured out how to go to sleep. It happened suddenly, and we don’t quite understand why it happened, but now, when I come downstairs after putting them to bed, they cry for mere minutes before both falling soundly asleep! This is still a shock, even though it has been happening for at least a week, as we are so used them screaming for at least 40 minutes and having to go up and settle them every now and again. It also isn’t after long-term routine, as everything has just changed again with me stopping work.


Prodigy at the park

So, I had to document this, as it will probably come up in conversation later on.

I took the boys to the play park this morning, at Fassnidge Park. A boy with a “diablo” which for those of you who don’t know, looks like this:


Anyway, he was really really good at it, and he was only 10! He was really good with Thomas and even let him have a go, and tried to teach him how to play it (it’s also known as a chinese yo-yo). I got chatting to the boy’s aunt, who had brought him to the park, and she asked how old Thomas was. When I told him he was 2, she was very surprised and said she thought he was much older because his speech was so good.

Anyway, they left, we said goodbye and went to the climbing frame. There was another boy, around 5 years old with his dad, and a girl a bit older with her Grandad. After a while they too asked how old Thomas was, so i said he was 2, and 5 months. They were both amazed. They both said that all the 2 or even 3-year-olds they knew were still monosyllabic. The grandad said he was not only clear but making sense. (Thomas had just said “I’m trying to climb up there). He said “you might have one of them ‘child prodigies’ on your hands!” I said I hoped not, and mentioned Thomas’ younger childhood friend who was talking before Thomas was, and said that kids just do things at different times. The grandad said they won’t believe his age when he starts at nursery, and that I must do a lot of work with him at home, and the other dad called me a “supermum” ! ! ! How cool! Anyway, I was obviously proud. Though this was Uxbridge, and the dad had fallen off his balcony while hanging out his washing, so we weren’t exactly talking to the next winner of Mastermind, it was nice to feel like we are doing something right.

Thomas did make me laugh the other day, as he said “I’m going to tell you a story. Once apon a time, there was a shark, in Finding Nemo, and he ate a girl!” Not quite Pulitzer-winning material, but it was certainly entertaining, and had a shock ending.


linux post

Just wanted to be smug in a public place:

I FINALLY managed to get flash 9 working on my laptop, in Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu. It was a bit of a struggle, and involved terminal work, which I don’t relish. Funnily enough, it was a newbie on one of the ubuntu forums that helped. I wanted to thank “FusionXN1” but it looks like he/she hasn’t posted since 2006, and a quick google search didn’t find him/her, so I remain indebted to this person.

Basically, I downloaded the .tar file from adobe itself here: flash download then unzipped it, and sudo copied it to the mozilla-firefox plugins folder using this command:

elise@talmach:~$ sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins

and it worked! I can now view my own blog fully on my own laptop! It also means I’ll be able to watch all those wallposts on Facebook that I’ve been able to ignore thusfar!


March photos

Just some pics of the boys:

march photos

Ollie signed “all gone” the other day, and I think he signs “more” but just claps instead of doing the proper sign. I forgot to record when he started waving “bye-bye” but I think it’s been about a month now.


left or right?

Just wanted to make a note. Thomas has always seemed to favour his left hand for everything, pens and such. Well, for the last few days, I’ve noticed he has been eating his breakfast with his right hand. Watch this space for the next exciting development in “Left or Right”!!!