So, Ollie has started saying “boogie” which I remember Thomas doing too. I tried to get it on camera, but he found it too funny, so it sort of disintegrated into giggles. Still it should be a good pick-me-up for those in the family that are ill…
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/04/boogie.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


Happy Birthday!

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Yes, that is a pun, not just me not being able to spell.

I just wanted to sing the praises of my wireless card. It is a Linksys Wireless-B Notebook Adaptor, model: WPC11 ver.4:


You wouldn’t know it, but the whole laptop has been dropped on it several times, it has been chewed on, dribbled in, and bashed about, and now has no external plastic casing, but it still works brilliantly, in Linux!

And while we’re singing praises, big up to the DVLA website who renewed my driver’s licence online, without me having the paper counterpart, and landed it on my doorstep within 2 days of me filling out the online form.

I’ve had similar good luck with the passport office, who’ve got me my new passport within a fortnight of sending the application.

I’m still wanting to bring down barclays over this pain-in-the-arse PINsentry thing. Please please please will someone reverse-engineer hack it, so they realise it’s rubbish.


Photo tooth

Ok, so that isn’t so witty, but anyway, here are some teeth:

ollie teeth


The above is David’s, and therefore also Thomas’ favourite quote from Finding Nemo.

I just wanted to moan about being ill again. Is it possible to have some sort of immuno-deficiency where you get ill all the time? I’ve recently been tested for HIV, and thyroid activity, which I would’ve thought were the obvious ones, which have shown no abnormalities, but what makes me wonder about it, is that if I was working, how would I manage my job, and how would my employer manage if I was ill this much? I mean, it’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t have been able to work a month without being off sick a week since the beginning of the year! If I got a new job now, I’d never pass the probation! I eat well, with lots of veg and fibre, red meat etc, and while I don’t run 10 miles a day, I do at least 30 minutes of walking a day, pushing around 50 kilos of weight in front of me, up slopes and such, plus all the housework, and lifting and carrying two small boys and a husband entail, so I’m quite active. I don’t get it. It’s not recurrent infections as everytime I go to the doctor, I’m told “it’s a virus”.

Anyway, enough ranting. Normal posting will resume… eventually.


Birthday photos


…and after cake:

There was time for a bit of dancing:
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/04/dancing.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]

…and Ollie knew he didn’t need to wish for what he wanted:
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/04/birthdaycake.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


Happy 1st Birthday!

So today Ollie is 1. I’m so grateful for this milestone, as round about this age is where the real fun starts.

Ollie is nearly walking, and I think if we had put the effort in of encouraging him to do so, he would be walking. However I have seen him stagger a couple of paces here and there, so I think it won’t be long now til he does. He’s still growing his two bottom front teeth. He’s been on cow’s milk for a few weeks now, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks convincing him that a soft spout is better than a teat. You can see he’s not totally won over, but that’s all he gets these days. I packed away the sterilliser a week ago, having used it as a cake-transporter rather than for it’s original purpose. Ollie is a very happy chappy, especially if there’s food around. He seems to be pretty good at understanding things, and giggles when told off, unless food is involved, in which case he will square his bottom lip and cry. He can keep himself amused with toys or books quite well, but gets frustrated if things don’t go his way all the time. This makes him shout angrily! He gets read “Sleepyhead” as part of his bedtime routine, and occasionally the hungry caterpillar, and of course he listens in on Thomas’ story too.

Anyway, I think that’s enough update. My weekend has been completely ruined by illness. I missed what would have been one of my first dinners out without the boys with family when I came down with a nasty fever on saturday night, caused I think by a very sore throat, and spent the whole of sunday night vomiting bile, as I hadn’t eaten much. So, Ollie’s not had much of a birthday in terms of presents, but his dad has saved the day with some balloons, hats and a cake, which we will have dinner. I just want to make sure I’m not on any of the photos in the state I’m in! It confirms that I was right to stop work – what employer would believe I was actually ill this often.

I hope to post some photos later.


Ollie milestones…

So I should have made a note of this a few weeks ago, so, around 3 weeks before his 1st birthday, Ollie finally starts to get some teeth! His bottom two front teeth are coming through, very slowly. I’ll try and get a photo of them to show you. This hasn’t stopped him eating with gusto as usual. Also, he can climb the stairs in a flash. He makes “woof woof” noises when you sing “how much is that doggy in the window” and e-i-e-i-o sounds when you sing “old MacDonald”.

Today I saw him nearly take his first few steps, though I’m reluctant to say _actual_ first steps, as he was sort of grabbing for me as he did it. He may just make a stagger before his birthday on Monday.

He has been going through a terribly clingy stage at the moment, though oddly, he’s been fine at the childminder’s. Conversely, Thomas who has been fine at the childminder’s from the start, has had a few days of not wanting me to leave him there. I don’t think there has been any more arguing at home than usual, so I don’t know why they are unsettled. Ollie even cried the other day when I left him with bedstemor while I went to find Thomas. This has been a real pain at toddler groups where I’ve had to take Thomas to the toilet, and come back to a distraught Ollie, inconsolable even with cuddles from other mums.

Thomas is still doing well with the toilet training, with just a few minor accidents where he’s been absorbed in something, or I forgot that he normally needs to go after a meal (doh!) He has been surprising me by staying dry at night too. He is very independant and refuses to let me help him put the toilet seat on the toilet, or get his step, or pull trousers and pants down. This is great first thing in the morning, as I don’t even get out of bed! However, it backfired a bit this morning, as we could hear him stamping in the bathroom and I called through “Thomas, why are you stamping?” he said “it’s coming out of my willy!” sure enough, there were little spillages all over the bathroom floor when I got to him. “Can you wipe it up?” he said.

While we’re on the subject, i have to mention, when David goes to the loo, Thomas shouts to him, “Daddy, are you holding your willy or are you sitting down?” I can’t help chuckling!


Some random photos

First, Thomas gets stuck in at his favourite eatery…

Here he is, chomping on something else… nice. They should make shoes and socks that toddlers cannot remove.

My mum likes to keep mealtimes interesting…

Ollie tries out his bounce at toddler group:

And when they are at their best:

Ollie tries out some wax control…

Milky milky…

And finally, I like this one, even though it’s out of focus, as you can see how much darker Thomas’ eyes are than Ollie’s. I haven’t manipulated this image.


Snow snow snow

So, we had a bit of snow last night, which was nice for a bit of variety. Though, but the time we got out into the car, it was already starting to melt.

We wanted to go and potter around on the Hog’s Back (the A31 between Guildford and Farnham). We did manage to get out, and throw a couple of snowballs, but it was lunchtime already, so we thought we’d pull into “The Squire’s Holt” restaurant on the north side. We felt a bit out of place as it seemed quite posh, and we were scraggly and covered in mud. David had his usual terrorist attire, with black headscarf and sunglasses. He walked in and terrorised everyone, until he said “er… I think my wife just came in to ask if there was a table?” Well, they were very accommodating, and managed to find us a table in the bar, even though they were obviously very busy. We had a really delicious meal, in a lovely atmosphere. On the way out, a couple said that our boys were very well behaved. Considering our state of dress, I think they were truly surprised.