walking walking walking

So on Tuesday Ollie couldn’t walk, and on Wednesday he could. It was that clean cut. He can now walk pretty well, across the playpark by himself, though he does occasionally drop on all fours if he thinks he can get there quicker!

I had to buy him some shoes, even though he’s been wearing Thomas’ first shoes, but Thomas had boots, which were warm for the winter, and Ollie needs more summery footwear. Also, his feet are much fatter than Thomas’!

Also, Ollie has signed a few more things, including “dog” and “raisins”. The latter he learnt in 1 lesson, as we were eating chocolate raisins at the time!

We finally got a new car seat for Thomas, so Ollie is now forward-facing in Thomas’ old one.

We also threw out a whole pile more junk. It goes against my upbringing where everything was used to at least its full value and lifetime, if not many times over, but really, breast-feeding cushions take up a lot of room, and it’s a hell of a thing to hold onto in case it comes in handy again… ditto bouncy chairs, and cot mobiles. We have also thrown away all our VHS tapes, without looking at them. It was the only way. I still haven’t managed to do this with my most treasured cassette tapes, though they have been whittled down to 1 small crate.

I’m actually starting to feel a sense of settling down in Uxbridge, even though I still don’t like the place itself much! But, I have friends here, and even people in shops who recognise me, and people I bump into dog- or toddler-walking.

I’m also considering the possibility that I have glandular fever, but I haven’t got time to go to the doctors at the moment, so I’ll wait til the next flare-up which seem to average once every fortnight. The boys have been ill again – Thomas was particularly bad on Friday, where he was setting fire to the very cushions he sat on as he was so hot, and his word count dropped to about 5 per hour, which seemed really strange. More worryingly, he can’t hear anything. He says “what did you say?” after almost everything you say, and sometimes he says it when you haven’t said anything, which means he is really guessing. I even test him by saying things like “would you like some chocolate?” but he doesn’t catch it, so I’m taking him to the doctor on wednesday.



So, I’m finally off painkillers, and just left feeling very tired. However, we’ve been getting back to near normality with toddler groups and shopping trips, though the last to fall into place is the housework, obviously.

This afternoon, I managed to drag myself off the sofa to the green with the boys to kick a bit of football, but mainly to give Ollie some space to encourage his new skill: staggering:
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/05/olliewalking.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]

On the way home, I was holding Ollie’s hand as he’s getting quite confident at walking with a handhold, when… KERSPLAT! Not Ollie, but Thomas, who had been bobbling alongside tripped and landed flat on his face! It was a mess, not least as he’d picked a bit of the path where all the birds poo. He did cry, but I told him to calm down, and he stopped pretty quickly. I put Ollie into the buggy and strapped him in as quickly as I could, and grabbed the nappy wipes and antiseptic wipes that I’ve started carrying around as Thomas throws himself around alot at the moment! He managed to wipe his mouth with his sleeve before I got to him, but at least I’d cleaned the muck off his hands before he tried to put that in there too. I don’t think his tooth went through his lip, but there is certainly a big gash there, and he looks pretty awful too: (notice the bloody sleeve!)


Strange kids, another Birthday and morely poorly…

So, first of all, the boys weirded me out a bit the other day… I was in the kitchen doing domestic stuff, when i realised it had all gone quiet in the living-room, which is never a good sign with children around! I went to check on them, and found them sitting in absolute silence each “reading” a book, but actually sitting right next to each other, on the same seat in the sofa! It looked so strange, I took a photo:
yellowsofa You can tell it isn’t a setup shot, as kids never normally sit still like that! I also like that you can again see how much lighter Ollie’s eye’s are than Thomas’.

So next David turned 35! That is starting to sound old. I’m still not on top form, so he got a bought cake, rather than home-made, but at least there were candles…

And finally, while my throat is still sore and swollen, I’m starting to feel a bit better. Conversely, the boys seem to be feeling poorly, and have both had gunky eyes. The GP has given us some eyedrops, but I think they are getting better already. Here they are with their swollen orbits:


lows and highs

So, couple of down points first. I’m still poorly, my throat is still sore enough to drive me to the painkillers when I can’t bear it any more. My eyes have also become a bit gunky in the mornings. My GP tells me I’ve just been unlucky with viruses – no kidding. However, Ollie has been off colour and he has quite bad green gunk in his eyes when he wakes up after his sleeps now too, which is more upsetting.

Thomas said “I hate you!” already, which I wasn’t expecting til he was older, but we think he’s picked it up from “Finding Nemo”. And to be fair, I was trying to make him take a nap, which for Thomas is the worst evil known to mankind, so I can understand why he felt so strongly about it.

So on the upsides, for David’s impending birthday, we got a Nintendo Wii yesterday. We’ve had to hook it up to the iMac using composite video, which isn’t very good quality, but actually it’s good enough. I had a quick search to see what other people have done, and you can buy a Wii S-video cable, which will plug into our Eye TV Hybrid USB device, which we are going to try next, but we couldn’t find the cable in the stores, so that’ll have to be an online thing. The graphics is already awsome, but that should make it even better. Thomas loves it of course, and David actually wept at it’s beauty…

Also, Ollie is starting to be a bit braver with taking steps, though it’s still more of a stagger to the next handhold at the moment.

And finally, the best bit, the warm weather has helped a lot with everything, so we even got the paddling-pool out today:

Row row row your boat:

I couldn’t decide which of these next two was the best one to blog, so here’s both:


And Ollie gets philosophical drying out in the sun:


Thomas stuff

So, just a couple of things about the older one.

He has started talking to EVERYBODY! I mean EVERYONE! If he sees a stranger within a 10m radius he rushes over to say “Hi, my name is Thomas!”, and then proceeds to tell them what he is doing, who I am and who Ollie is. Some people are nice, some back away nervously. At the chemist yesterday, he even told the assistant to “have a nice day!” which she thought was charming, but I thought was downright tacky. I mean, where does he get this from? I’ve never told anyone to “have a nice day,” well, not since it was cool in the 80s. It was quite cute at the playpark, and, as he mostly gets no response from the poor victim, he just repeats himself… “My name’s Thomas, my name’s thomas. This is my brother Ollie, this is my brother, Ollie!” He has won some friends doing this, and one girl even pushed him in the swing for a bit!

He also has an imaginary friend. She is a girl called Natasha. I pleased that she seems to have replaced the sister who lived in the upstairs tap???

We have been putting him in reusable nappies at night, as he is mostly dry. Of course the first time I tried it, it leaked everywhere, but he’s been dry ever since.

I had the privilege of holding a newborn baby today, which if you think about it, is not something we get to do very often. My friend has a beautiful baby boy, who isn’t even 3 weeks old, and I got to hold him. Also, just for a bit of co-incidence. My two, what I would call “new best friends” in Uxbridge, who have just had babies, called them Joseph and Jacob, which are my boys’ middle names. Weird huh.


Illness takes its toll


So, as I’ve been so poorly, standards have been slipping, and last night, on the way to bed, I knew I should put the colouring things away, but just didn’t have the energy. Now I know why it’s a good idea!

I’m still feeling rough, but as my stomach is settled, I’m taking Ibuprofen instead of paracetamol, which I think helps with the swelling too. I’m still suffering a very sore throat, which wakes me up at night, when the painkillers run out.

Still, I had a supermum day today, whereby I mowed the lawn, got a watertub out for the kids and took lots of photos. Vacuumed the whole house, washed the kitchen floor, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, gave the kids couscous for lunch, and learned how not to cook tofu for dinner. I even made sure I got a rest when the kids had their nap. I’m really into the Mark Haddon book, so I seize any opportunity to read it.

I even managed to make a webalbum of the boys having fun in the garden, using galrey. Yes I’m still doing it in Linux while my new Macbook blinks sorrowfully next to me on the shelf.

It’s here if you want to look: May08 photos.

Few things to note. Thomas surprised us by knowing how to adjust the volume on YouTube before we even had time to say “yes” when he asked if he could listen to it louder. He also asked if we were going to watch CSI tonight, after we had told him it was bin-day. He knows that CSI comes on, after he goes to bed, on the day we put the rubbish out.

It’s been in the news about how plastic bottles leak all their nasty chemicals, especially if steam sterillised, or boiling hot water is used. They advised not to save bottles for a second child. Well, we not only used bottles for Ollie that Thomas had, but also bottles passed on to us from someone else! It’s a bit late to worry about it now, but I did guiltily chuck 3 away today, that were really tatty.


book post

Thomas and I are really enjoying “Baby Brains and Robomum” by Simon James, who has a website here: simonjames. We got it out of the library, and it’s great fun.

I’ve just read “On Chesil Beach” by Ian McEwan, which was ok. I’m now catching up on some New Scientists, before I launch into my next book, which will probably be the Mark Haddon book, “A Spot of Bother”.


1st steps, and not so big after all

So Ollie has started taking his first unaided steps. I caught him out of the corner of my eye walking from one sofa to the other yesterday, and again while we were out this morning. Interestingly, where I’m sure Thomas took all his first steps in between people, Ollie refuses to try unless he is going from one inanimate object to another.

Also, having always thought Ollie was so huge, it turns out, he’s not really that big compared to other babies, a fact re-inforced by the trousers I bought for him yesterday. In H&M he fits a size 6m-9m perfectly, even though he is over a week past his 1st birthday.

Finally, we went on an expedition to Ruislip Lido today, and found that it’s brilliant. There’s a car park, a huge lake to walk around, with a large beach on one corner, with lots and lots of play park equipment. There is a large pub which also has a little play area, so I assume child-friendly, and although there are warnings of broken glass in the sand, it was pretty clean, possibly from all the recent rain. Can’t wait to go again.