So, I’ve just had to deal with a Thomas tantrum, where he wouldn’t part with a small, boring toy at tidy-up time at toddler group. He just totally flipped out and became a small ungreen incredible hulk. I had to leave toddler group early, which was a little embarrasing. You can see when they have this sort of loss of control, that if this happened in a grown-up, I would have been dead. Anyway, after we had got a little way away, we tried to talk about it a bit, but no luck. So I said that if he didn’t calm down and stop screaming/shouting/kicking etc he would get a smack. He didn’t so I did. Just a gentle one on the thigh, but he actually focussed into “upset” crying which meant we could get a conversation going. About half an hour later, after we had made it home and I was making some lunch, Thomas suddenly said “sorry, mummy.” “I’m sorry I didn’t want to put the toy away”. I was a bit nonplussed, as I wasn’t expecting him to apologise. Anway I repeated for the 100th time that the reason we had to come home early (and miss the singing) was that he had a tantrum, and that if he ever did it again, we would just come home.

So, to recover from all this trauma, and to remind myself that he’s also sweet and nice too, I decided to blog some video of him. Ollie is fine by the way – he does, for the most part, do what I ask him to. He hasn’t said any words yet, other than “Hi” and occasionally “bye”.

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/06/buffalo.swf, 352, 288[/SWF] Buffalo Soldier

And here is “This Side of the Blue” by Joanna Newsom and “In Dublin’s Fair City”. He puts on a funny accent when he sings pop songs, but I guess that’s his way of trying to emulate pop stars, who knows?
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/06/bluedublin.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


the great outdoors

So finally putting some photos up today, after a bit of a lapse in posting.

We’ve really been out and about a lot these days – everyday, and sometimes even twice a day. We actually need to curb our habits a bit, as we have been eating-out a lot, which is a very expensive way of bringing up children! We can’t go into town without Thomas saying “can we go to a cafe?”

Otherwise we have been going to various toddler groups and Fassnidge Park, which is even better now that the cafe has opened. Here are some pics from the water-play area:

We have also invested in a sand-and-water table, which, as we got the last in the shop, is extremely pink. Still, we decided this can’t possibly do any harm to our strapping boys, so here they are:

In other news, Thomas has begun peeing standing up, which he’s quite excited about, though we have to use a step as, he can’t quite reach otherwise.

I managed to lose quite a lot of weight over the last couple of months, without trying too hard, though I’ve been making an effort to eat a bit healthily, and now that I have more energy, I try and do the odd bit of exercise here and there. I think I weigh less than I did when I went to Wood Norton back in 2003, which isn’t difficult, but I do still have my big pouch on the front which will only go away with crunches or surgery!


still here!

Sorry I haven’t written for so long – partly due to the nice weather we have started having, sporadically.

This is just a quick post, as Thomas blew me away this morning. I told him we were going to a shop we hadn’t been to before. When we got there he said oh it’s “Wicks, mummy, look!” I said “how did you know that was Wicks?” “I remember everything!” he replied.

Actually we weren’t going to Wicks, we were going to Halfords next door. But we have only been to Wicks once, and that was before we did the garden over, as I remember going there to buy a hammer. (I’ve been trying to figure out when that was, as I’m sure I posted about it, but I can’t just now.

Anyway, I have some great photos, and video to show you, so I’ll try to get them up soon.