First words mark 2

So there’s a little debate as to Ollie’s actual first word. We think it might have been “woof”. He has also said “tree” “dog” and just made quite a good attempt at “sorry”. With Ollie you can clearly make out the words he is trying to say, whereas I’m sure Thomas didn’t make attempts, and just waited til he could say something properly. Ollie has also been whole-heartedly “singing” noteably on the way back from parties we’d been to in Galicia recently. He does the “diamond” in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and surprised me by doing “4 for the Gospel-makers” hands from “Green Grow the Rushes-O”. He can now climb out of his cot, so we’ve put him in the travel cot for now.

Thomas and I were having a long conversation where I ended up pointing out that he might have children of his own one day, and they might have children too, and that he would be a Bedstefar (grandfather). He said “Oh no, I want to be a Bedstemor!” (grandmother). So, I just said “well, we’ll see” which is a bit lame, but there didn’t seem much point in ruining it for him already!



So, the tantrums continue, but we had some good news this week. We heard last week that Thomas didn’t have a place at Playgroup in September, but got a call on Monday saying that he does! So this morning the two of us went to check it out. David got to look after Ollie as his reward for getting his PhD.

I’ve chilled out a bit about the school palava, though it’s more that I put my fears on hold! The boys are now on the waiting list for a school that people say is reasonable, even though it’s not Catholic. We are going to apply to the RC one near us anyway in whatever state of Catholicism the boys are in at the time. Oh, and while my friend and I rushed to the school to get an application form, it turned out that we were a year too early! (Hope we get points for keeness!) Our boys have to apply for school next year. It was good to have moral support when going there, and her boys are almost the same ages as mine. Only, she has two older daughter too – I hold her up as my shining beacon of parenting!

Anyway, to prove Thomas is growing up, despite the tantrums here he is on his first trip to playgroup. He starts properly in September.
By the way, it was raining heavily, hence the wet-gear.



So, I haven’t posted for far to long, and I come crawling back because of confidence knock from a two-pronged attack!

Firstly, at least 3 “yummy-mummys” have chatted to me recently, I think because I was wearing my Nike trousers this week. (they are summery and I got them in a sale years ago). Anyway, I am yet to find out whether they make you feel inadaquate on purpose, or whether they just can’t help it, but I’m thinking of wearing strictly Primark until they all go away and leave me alone…

Secondly, and this is more serious, we are all starting to think about schools. It turns out that all my good friends are Catholics. Now, of course this doesn’t make any difference to us as friends, but it means that all Thomas’ friends will probably go to the good Catholic school, which is nearby, which Thomas won’t get into, because they almost only take Catholic children. This is totally gutting for me, and although there is another school, which is non-denominational, that everyone says is great, I’m sad that he will lose the friend-base he’s built-up already. So, do you think it’s ok to join a church even if you don’t “believe?” I’m keen to give the boys some sort of spiritual education, because, let’s face it, it’s not going to come from me, but are you allowed to join a church for your kids, if you don’t believe it yourself? I feel like I’m being excluded from a club.


Anyway another bad thing happened where Thomas got bitten at toddler group, enough to leave a mark until the next day. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the girl’s mother, and now I’m a bit scared to, as the moment has passed, and I wouldn’t really know how to. “Hi, how are you, your daughter bit my son…” doesn’t sound right. The little girl is so sweet as well, I’m a bit heart-broken. I also didn’t see the circumstances, so while I’m sure Thomas didn’t hurt her first, he may well have been taking toys off her, and he is twice her size, so she may have felt it was the only thing she could do… Thomas was very good about the whole thing, he didn’t cry, he just came and showed me and said “I was just trying to cook, when the girl bit me!”

Anyway, all this misery needs some cheering, so here are some happy pics, firstly, we got a bike for Thomas, so that he can use it while the weather’s nice, rather than waiting for his birthday.
He took it very seriously!
And finally…

They have been mostly getting on well together, though Ollie has a new trick where he grabs whatever Thomas was playing with, and runs off with it giggling! He still hits Thomas a lot, and me too, which I have been trying all sorts of techniques to try and stop. Anyway, here they are enjoying each other’s company: