So, it feels weird getting used to operating on term-times etc, but we’ve got into it from both ends, with Thomas starting playgroup, and David, now Dr. David starting as a proper, real lecturer.

On Thomas’ first day at playgroup, he was really excited. On the way out he said “Daddy, i’m going to playgroup and mummy won’t be there.” I said, “hang on a minute, i’m supposed to stay for your first day” but Thomas said, “no, you need to go!” Sure enough when we got there, I asked him again, whether I should stay or go, but he insisted I went. So I took Ollie to the playpark. Today, Thomas was less enthusiastic, but he still didn’t want me to stay, so he really is beginning the long road of edukayshion.

I have to say, that we are lucky to have such good playgroup. Mums can take it in turns to help out, and when I was there, no one was told off, all the kids were well-behaved. I did hear someone get spoken to sternly today, when there was some physical action going on, but much better than some places I’ve been to where the kids actually get screamed at horribly, on one occasion just for not saying “thankyou” for some random favour!?!

Anyway, I’ve had my mind put at rest about the whole school thing, with us more likely to be able to get into the Catholic school, but also, the non-catholic one not sounding so bad after all. I’m going to chill out about it for now, and see what we get.

Ollie is growing much faster now he gets some full attention from me now and again. He can say more things than Thomas did at this age, though his comprehension of processes is not as advanced. Thomas would use his laptop “properly” and used it to teach himself the alphabet, where Ollie isn’t that interested in pressing the correct key, but likes to turn it on and off!

Ollie seems to be very jolly when Thomas is at playgroup, and is still happy to go off and do his own thing, where I thought he might be a bit wary without his big brother to follow around.

I don’t have any good photos to post today, as the lumix got broken. In fact we’ve had a lot of things not working. Our drains were bloked, our phone’s not plugged in (don’t ask), the dishwasher doesn’t work, and worst of all, the imac is having problems. This means no tele, no music etc etc. We even thought we’d lost all the baby photos at one point, but luckily rescued from this, and quickly made backups (why do we always leave it too late!?). Anyway, I’ve heard that family have good pictures from our latest adventure abroad, so will post those if I get hold of them!



So, i’ve decided we don’t have a vacuum-cleaner, we have an Anti-Arachnid-Device. It also comes in handy for getting the dust off the floor.

We are starting to settle back into a routine again, and this time Ollie is following the rules. He screams for less and less long at nap time each day. (Thomas never did this, he just screamed until he was taken out of the cot, whether this was an hour later, or when the next meal time came along).

However, Thomas suddenly became poorly yesterday. He developed a really high fever. No other symptoms yet, though he did throw-up some medicine at 6.15 this morning. Otherwise he seems ok. He kept down some apple and banana this lunchtime. Each Nurofen dose perks him up a bit, but when it runs down, his fever shoots up again. I’m just glad it’s not a messy illness…

He broke my heart the other day. I had been rushing around organising stuff for our trip away, and when I had a break I said to Thomas: “Sorry I’ve been a bit grumpy”. He replied, “I just wanted to talk to you!” me: “yes, I know, I’m sorry.” Thomas: “it’s just, everybody should talk to EVERYBODY!” me: “you’re right.” Thomas: “It’s called… it’s called… FAMILY! We are family.” He said it in such a reproachful way, I wanted to take myself off to the ‘naughty step’.



Well, I’ve been feeling all out-of-kilter lately, like I can’t seem to catch up with the world. This is partly because the kids aren’t sleeping very well, which could be because the routine is a bit upset, without toddler groups and such, and we never really settled back into “proper” sleeping since we’ve been away, and there doesn’t seem to be much point in putting up with the screaming if we have to do it all again once we come back from Denmark. Mind you, other people I’ve met say that their kids aren’t sleeping well either, so it could be the very humid weather we’ve been having.

I’m getting excited about going to Denmark, as I think I will be able to concentrate on the joy of spending time with family rather than the stress of being abroad with 2 toddlers (and a husband).

I’ve been out “all night” for the first time since Ollie was born. I went for a bridge night with really good friends, and had an excellent time. I wore my DMs that I got for my birthday, for the first time. They gave me blisters, and took half an hour to take off and put on every time, and it happened to be the hottest day of the whole year, so I was very uncomfortable. But maybe I looked cool…

Anyway, the boys and i managed to get to the park this afternoon:

Also, Thomas hasn’t really had much of a chance to have a go on his bike, with all the terrible weather and trips away, but he’s doing pretty well for his second outing:
[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/09/cycling.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]