Christmas tree and No Pox

So it turns out not to have been chicken pox after all. In fact, the GP didn’t know what it was that Ollie has. Still, it doesn’t seem to bother him much, so I’m not too worried. I’ll post a picture of his spots when I get a better photo of them.

Also, I mentioned our ugly tree, well with all our nice decorations on it, it doesn’t look too bad in the end:


Peace on Earth…

So, having been so proud of Ollie’s speech, I realise that, from a more objective point of view, there are quite a lot of words that he says wrong. I know this is quite normal and I remember Thomas doing it too, especially “labot” instead of laptop. But Ollie has quite a few at the moment. He calls a pencil a “C”. A drink is a “weet”. “Bitsie” is a biscuit.

Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/12/awayow.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


GOOD NEWS in the gloom

Thomas no longer has a polystyrene ball in his ear.

David took him to the minor injuries unit, who said they couldn’t get it out, as it was too far in. He was told he’d need to go to the specialist. David said to him, look, can’t you just call and see if the otorhinolaryngologist has any appointments available. The guy looked at him and said “are you a med student?” David said, “no, but my son is ill and I want to get this sorted before Christmas”. The guy then asked whether he thought it was causing his fever, to which David replied “no, but I don’t think it’s helping much”. Anyway, the guy did manage to get him an appointment the same afternoon. They saw Dr. Gupta who was brilliant. He put them both at ease, and managed to get the ball out, using an even thinner version of the same tool everyone else had, and a bigger microscope. Thomas for his part was very brave and sat very still, squeezing his dad’s finger for comfort.

For the rest though, we’ve all been really poorly with this flu. I’ve just about managed to stagger between bed and sofa, and relied on CBeebies and DVDs to look after the boys. Thomas has been really poorly, with high fevers since Wednesday. He’s also been crying out in pain and saying his tummy hurts, very low down. However, he does manage to eat a little most mealtimes and inbetween, so I think these are all just flu symptoms. The GP who checked him out said that there are glands in the abdomen that can become a bit sore when trying to fight a bug. Tonight is the first night I’ve seen Thomas show any signs of improvement, so I hope he’s over the worst. Ollie is just a walking bag of snot, and he’s started running a bit of a temperature too.

Anyway, hopefully next post will be a bit more cheerful. I have a surprise for you for Christmas, so I hope it’ll be fun.


okey cokey

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2008/12/okeycokey.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]

So Ollie took the opportunity while his dad was away to really get some words in edgeways. He is really coming along, and will give any word you ask for a good go, though “sausages” comes out more like “saucey”. He’s said ladder, bird, toast, house and horse, mouse, cow, pig and all sorts, except “Thomas”! He seems to call Thomas “Badoh” or “Sale!” goodness knows why. It must be the word he hears most often (apart from NO!) and he has actually said it once quite well, but seems to prefer Badoh.

Thomas’ wound is getting better very slowly. At least the swelling has gone down, so I’m less paranoid about a flesh-eating virus attack. Our GPs generally don’t seem to care very much about what the cause is, only that the treatment works. We’re going to see the nurse this afternoon to try to get this polystyrene ball out. She may just send us to a minor injuries unit.


One thing after another…

So I mentioned it in my last post, but here it is:



To clarify, last Friday, Thomas got a nick which was so small, I thought it was a spot – I even asked Aunty Jo if it could be a chicken pox er… poc. The first photo was taken on Sunday, and admittedly not the most flattering photo ever. We then went on the tube (and a replacement bus-service bus) and the second photo was taken yesterday, Wednesday. I’m most worried about the fact that his whole eyebrow and eyelid section are swollen. We’re going to see the doctor tomorrow, so I hope he’ll have some good news.

Ollie looked at me solemnly when I wiped his face with the flannel this morning and said “ot!” Well, it was a bit on the warm side. He also said “socks” very clearly today.


Pardon? What did you say?

So, nursery rang on Friday to let me know that Thomas wasn’t himself at all and kept clutching his left ear and saying that it hurt. We luckily got a cancellation at the GP who looked in his ears. The sore ear was too full of wax to see if there was an infection, but he let us have a prescription for anti-biotics, in case it didn’t clear up before Sunday. More importantly, he found his other ear has a polystyrene ball from a bean bag in it!!! No wonder he can’t hear anything! The GP isn’t worried about it, as he said it’s not blocking the ear, but I’m not so sure, and I’m worried it will affect his hearing-response development. (I did try and get it out today but was unsuccessful.) Luckily a good night’s sleep saw off any potential infection, so we didn’t need to get the antibiotics.

So Thomas keeps asking me “what did you say?” but his number 1 method of inquiry isn’t “why?” like mine was at his age, but: “…and then what happens?” he seems to ask me this all the time.

Anyway, in other news, we had a list of reviews back from the promoter about our first EP, and the responses were pretty good, with my favourite from Mary-Anne Hobbs, Radio 1, being “very interesting, might consider for the show”. It has inspired us to work harder and faster, spending evenings working, rather than zoning out in front of the tele. I’ve now gotta go and search Google for “removing polystyrene balls from toddler’s ear”.