A Day Out

So we are in between nurseries at the moment, which means both kids were free today. We decided to try a trip into town, with the help of Bedstemor. The night hadn’t been a good one for me. I had been out with toddler group mums, and a few glasses of wine, but also needed to write a chunky email to David who is in the States at the moment. I didn’t get to bed til 1am. Ollie woke up at 3 and at 5, and Thomas stayed awake from 6.30 onwards. Never-the-less, we set off.

Ollie, despite his passion for trains was a bit wary to begin with…

He is being a bit of a scaredy-cat at the moment – he’s bizarrely terrified of swings at the moment, where before the winter he loved them. He has absolutely no fear of dangerous dogs, and will chase after them if allowed. He also has no fear of spiders so far, as he gave one a good poking this evening until it managed to escape into a crack.

We had great fun in St. James’ Park. We saw pelicans, and black swans, and the kids got to run around a lot.


We also got to see the marching band, and the soldiers with guns, which was a treat! Good to see people playing jolly music with fingers that could probably kill you in seconds with a secret death move:

Then I remembered a playground I wanted to take them to, right by the London Eye. We crossed Westminster Bridge, and had to stop for a touristy shot:


We had suspected the boys would be fast asleep before we even got on the train home, but Ollie only managed 5 minutes as he got woken up and there were so many trains to look at! Thomas had almost fallen asleep on the way into London, probably due to his super-early rising, but he fought and fought to stay awake, and refused to sit down, as he knew he would succumb if he did. He won though, and didn’t sleep at all until bed time. As soon as we got home, we hurriedly packed Bedstemor off home, in the hope she could beat the rush hour, and the three of us jumped in the shower to get all the yukky tubetrain germs off! We were all in pyjamas before 6pm! The boys were very tired, and were happily plonked in front of CBeebies while I made some dinner:

In other news, I think Ollie is really not too well. The antibiotics seemed to work wonders the first day he was on them, but he is now as bad as he was before he took them – he is waking himself up coughing so much at night, and if I prop the head end of the cot up any more, he will be vertical. I hope the steamy shower has helped to loosen some of the congestion, but he’s still getting green snot in the mornings. Otherwise, he’s reasonably normal, if a bit grumpy. I think he is getting some nasty big molars on the top left, which are also bothering him. I can’t wait to get him to the doctors on Monday if at all possible.

I was pleased to start Thomas eating apples “properly”. What I call properly is where you just bite into it, rather than having it cut up for you. He was quite proud of himself too:


Chest pest

Just to report the findings of the GP this morning. I like this GP – he’s my favourite at the moment, called Dr Copland. He saw Thomas’ scar first, and said it was very unusual, and did look like an infected chicken pox scar. Though, as Thomas only had one spot, which didn’t really look like a spot, it seems unlikely that he got chicken pox. Is it possible to be born naturally immune? He was certainly exposed to it at playgroup. Anyway, the GP wants to see him again in 6 weeks and I’m to keep moisturising it.

Ollie wasn’t pleased to be examined, but the doc managed to check ears, nose, chest and throat. He said there were a few crackles on his chest, so he’s given him a course of amoxycillin to clear that up. He said he’s terribly congested, but there’s not much you can give a 1-year-old for that, other than tixylix for catarrh. We’ve got that already so I’ll dose him up every few hours. He also said that the theory that dairy products can make you more mucus-y (how do you spell that?) is only really applicable to people who suffer in the long-term, and not really just when you have a one-off virus. We’ve been steaming up the house with sopping wet muslin squares on the radiators, and Olbus oil dribbled everywhere.

After the doctors, which was ridiculously early in the morning, we went to a cafe to finish off breakfast, and the kids got to play in the fire-engine:


In preparation for Ollie starting nursery in a couple of weeks, I’ve been leaving the boys to play by themselves in their room with the stairgate shut. This has been working pretty well, though occasionally it does break out in fights, but mostly they play in harmony:

We are having problems with Thomas sleeping at the moment, where he keeps waking up really early in the morning. We had speculated that he can subconsciously hear when Ollie’s not in the room, and this wakes him up (we’ve been pulling Ollie into our bed where he’s coughing so much it almost sounds that he won’t manage to clear his airway). However last night he woke up at 2am, with Ollie fast asleep in the cot next to him. I think he’s over-tired, as he seems tired and irritable in the evening. Some family members have been speculating that he only needs 10 hours sleep, so if he goes to sleep at 8pm, then he’ll be up at 6pm. Can this be normal? And why is he so tired?

Anyway, I leave you with a recent pic (there’s a couple more on facebook):


Another hair-cut

So Ollie’s hair was getting too long, and I know he won’t sit still for a haircut – if my friend who is a qualified hairdresser, couldn’t manage it with a packet of white chocolate buttons at the ready, then I’m sure he wouldn’t sit for a complete stranger. So, I got all ready: clippers, sheet, bowl of grapes, hoover, laptop with CBeebies on…

…and TADAAA!

Ollie kindly hoovered himself afterwards. It’s a bit ragged, but saved me time, money and stress, and I’m not planning to enter him into any beauty competitions any time soon, so it’ll do.


ecg print-out

Here is a section of my ecg showing the svt.


ollie puzzle

I was going to put this on the family blog, thinking it was too boring to put on here, but actually, this blog was really started as a) a record of the kids’ development, and b)somewhere for family at a distance to see what’s going on with them. Also, I don’t know how to put video on the family blog, but that’s not the point. 🙂

[SWF]wp-content/photos/2009/02/puzzle.swf, 352, 288[/SWF]


Not a Teenager.

The other morning just before lunch, Thomas asked me to put some music on. I really couldn’t be bothered (great mum, me) so I told him to just listen to some music in his head as it was nearly lunch time. He turned round and said, angrily, “I’m not a teenager, mum! I can’t do that, I’m just a boy! I can’t make music in my head!” I was a bit taken aback, but countered with “you don’t have to be a teenager to hear music in your head!” What a bizarre conversation, especially with a 3-year-old!

On the other hand, as if to prove himself wrong, he has started saying “Whatever, mum.” or “Oh whatEVER, dad!” when he gets told off, which sounds to me very much like a teenager.

However, where I thought he’d slowed down a bit intellectually, possibly where he’s developing lots of new social skills with starting playgroup in September, he’s suddenly in the last week picked up again, and can’t get enough again! He’s been asking about times tables, so we’ve bought a poster with them on. He’s also asked every day to have a go on a little violin we’ve got. Though, when we said we’d try to find him a teacher he said “I don’t need one, I can play already!” Today, on the way back from playgroup, he seemed totally exhausted, and I asked whether he’d rather stay home from nursery, and maybe have a nap, he said “I’d like us to put Ollie down for his nap and play chess.”

Ollie is trying to say everything, but his longer words aren’t very clear. He still calls Thomas “Sayo”. He says “Sayo nurhery” (Thomas is at nursery) “Sayo Paygroo” (Thomas at playgroup).



So I went to see a cardiologist yesterday.

I do indeed have some sort of SVT – supraventricular tachycardia. I’ll post the trace when I get it scanned.

The chap said I had 3 options. First, I can take some medication every day. Some people get a pill they can take just when it happens, but as mine only lasts about 15 minutes each time, it would pretty much take that long for the tablet to get into my gut, so not very useful in my case. Thirdly, he can refer me to an EP. This is where my layman’s interpretation of what he told me may get a bit funny. I don’t know what an “EP” is other than “Extended Play” which I’m not sure I want done to me… Anyway, the EP can do some sort of internal test on my heart by sticking needles into my groin and doing something electrical. Apparently this is uncomfortable, and my local hospital would do it under General Anaesthetic. Then, if they find out where the electrical signal is going wrong, they can burn the pathway and cure me. Sometimes, the heart finds a way to be naughty again via another route, but apparently this is unlikely in young people – moi – I’m still “young people” in cardiac problem terms.

SO, he’s prescribed me some Flecanide, which supresses the electrical activity in the heart a bit, so should stop it happening. And he’s referred me to the EP, to get it checked out properly. We didn’t actually discuss any long term problems, or what would happen if we didn’t get it sorted. I did ask what would happen if I stopped taking the tablets. He said it might be a higher incidence of attacks to begin with, but would return to how it was before. I said it’s only really a problem while the kids are young, as I feel very vulnerable when it happens and I’m with the boys. When they are older, it won’t matter so much, though it is pretty inconvenient. I also asked whether I officially had a “heart condition” that I have to declare to everyone. He said it’s worth telling any insurance companies that I have a “SVT under investigation”.

So there! I’m finally getting it sorted. It’s only taken me 15 years! I forgot to mention, he said I shouldn’t drink tea and coffee…


more ollie speech

I just wanted to add, that while I was rolling the snowball to make the snowman (and working up quite a sweat, I can tell you!) Ollie kept coming up to me and saying “Wha ou doin? Wha’ ou doin mummay?”


Snow business…


Playgroup was cancelled this morning, and we decided not to brave the walk to toddler group, but we found other ways to amuse ourselves…


Then some girls from around the corner rolled their snowball into our garden so we could build this: