Proud mum

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This might be a bit of a vomit-inducing post, as i want to blab on about how clever my offspring is, like any over-bearing mum.

But anyway, Thomas can correctly point out the numbers 1-6 (from the index page of the Mothercare Catalogue). Though he can only say “two” (doo) and “three” (eeeeee). In fact he’ll point out the number 2 all over the place, any chance he gets!

Also, he did something that made my jaw drop just now. He was pretty grumpy, having missed his nap today, and had a biro taken off him, so to distract him his aunty Jo and I told him to go and get a book to read. “How about ‘That’s Not My Tractor’?” I said, and started the first line. (That’s not my tractor, its funnel is too smooth). He walked over to the bookshelf, pointing at it, and picked that exact book off the shelf! It could’ve been a fluke, so if he does it again, I’ll let you know, though it was quite buried in all the other books.

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