Hell is here!

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So, the thing about being the parents of two young babies, is that you expect nights-from-hell now-and-again. But it strikes me that if you are having nights-from-hell EVERY night, then you are logically, and actually, IN HELL!

Anyway, I’m hoping the doctor will make it all go away this afternoon, otherwise I know exactly which telephone box I’m going to leave Ollie in on the way home.

I’m hoping she will tell me to start giving him solids, and I’m going to even if she doesn’t. I’m sure he wakes up ALL NIGHT because he is hungry, even though when he wakes the first few times, he doesn’t look for food.

He has lately taken to exploding poo in the early hours of the morning, which he revels in by rolling over all the time you are trying to clean it off him. He is now chewing the breast rather than drinking from it, and if you turn your head away for 5 minutes, he grows out of the clothes you just fetched for him.

Still, I expect this nightmare will pass once he is competently guzzling his purees and baby rice. I will let you know…

On a different matter, what the books should tell you is whether is better value to go for “Happyland” or “Little People” playsets.

  1. urrgh. enough to put me off my own impending child. Olly looks chubby and well fed and cheerful in the photo below this so you must be doing something right.. hope the doc helped – but from my experience in paeds A+E there’s not a lot we can do about making healthy well but awkward children less awkward!! good luck!