Well, we need a more positive post after yesterday’s miseryness.

Today has been better. Both boys have cheered me up this morning. Ollie woke up suddenly able to reach out and grab things, rather thanjust grabbing things thrust into his hand. He even reached out to grab his brother who was standing nearby earlier. Also, another small revelation: I’ve been wondering exactly what the best way to persuade a 5-to-6 month-old that he doesn’t need a dummy any more, and today Ollie showed me how – when he was fussing for the dummy, he reached out and shoved his muslin square in the mouth instead. Spot on.

Thomas has also been great. This morning he climbed into his highchair all by himself, and strapped himself in. Quite apart from the physical hurdles this poses, we normally have to drag him kicking and screaming to the table, so this was quite a sight. Then he counted to 10 with me (though he misses out 4 and 5 these days) and then he counted with me in spanish from 1 to 10, repeating each number perfectly. Then he pointed to the calpol that was on the counter and said “Give Thomas Calpol” which was a bit worrying, also a bit endearing. He has also started playing with his train-set that he got for Christmas, which he has been scared of for 9 months! It’s his favourite toy now. He has also named a toy dog “Nona” (pronounced Nonna in English) after one of the dogs he stayed with in Spain.

For my part, I have broken yet another of my pre-parent “I’m not going to be like that” preconceptions: yesterday, Thomas was so well-behaved in the face of a stressful and frustrating afternoon being stuck in the buggy, I impulsively bought him a toy on the way home at 5.29pm. This means I’ve made the decision between “Happyland” and “Little People”. From now on, folks, it’s Happyland all the way til Playmobile.

I leave you with a picture of Thomas in his new tracksuit:


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