OK, so yesterday, we gave Ollie his first baby rice. He gulped it down, and tried to eat the bowl and spoon too. Then he gulped down 8oz of formula straigh after. He had the same again today, slightly thicker consistency. We’ve been feeding him up lately, so I’ve been putting as much in as I can. He drank 11.5oz this evening. If there is any correlation between how much milk they drink to how much sleep they manage, then we should be in for a 14 hour refresher tonight…

He is definitely on a growth spurt, and the red cheeks and bum suggest teeth might be imminent. He is wearing dungarees that Thomas was walking in at 11 months, so that goes to show how differently-sized they are.

Thomas is gaining confidence in his singing, and “played” Baa Baa Black Sheep on the piano and sang to it yesterday. He was also much more jolly at Tiny Talk this week.

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