Thomas told me this morning “That ipod is not working!” which was quite true.

Also, Ollie in his usual morning wake-up chatter made a noise that sounded a bit like “YAY!” so Thomas started shouting “Ollie said ‘YAY!’ Look, mummy, Ollie said ‘YAY!'” which was almost enough to make me open my eyes and say “yes he did”. (Well it was VERY early).

Ollie is still gobbling up his solids. I’ve given him 2 meals with solids today, so maybe he’ll give us a good night. The down side is that, as Rachel in Friends says, “Now she’s on solids, she poops round the clock”. So I had to change a nappy at 5 o’clock this morning, which was unpleasant, but I was still pleased that he hadn’t woken me up before then. He can sit up for a few seconds before keeling over. I haven’t seen him manage to roll from his front to his back yet, but he does it a lot the other way.

Some photos now. Here is an action shot (which accounts for its blurriness) of Thomas and Bedstemor making bread together:

Also, Thomas decided he needed to wear a watch today, so his dad indulged him, but it does look a bit large…

Also, my old schoolfriends and I managed to get together again, so Ollie had some playmates. Here he is with Thomas, who was helping to bounce his bouncy chair.
ollie Thomas Lemon

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