So, I should record that now we are into our 3rd week of solids for Ollie, he gets solids 3 times a day, 2 bottles and about 3 breastfeeds. He is sleeping better since we increased the feeds to 3, but I still think the dummy is a pain, as I seem to constantly be getting up to put it back in, without him really waking up. I tried to ignore the request, but he just became hysterical. I think we just need to put up with a couple of days of screaming, and then we can get rid of it.

Thomas is sleeping very well these days, and has been really since just before Ollie was born, with a few hiccups now and then, but usually goes to sleep around 8.30pm and wakes up around 7am ish. He is very happy in his grown-up bed and has even asked to go to bed a couple of times. He just did two more wee-wees in the potty today, but I think these are more for enterainment and interest, than any serious attempt to get out of nappies, as it always occurs when he gets out of the bath, and he makes no attempt to do poos in there. I do think he would be potty-trainable right now, if he could run around naked all the time, as I think it is the nakedness that inspires him to sit on the potty.

Anyway, we had been letting his hair grow, as it seemed to suit his personality for a while, but he really did start to look like a girl, and it was getting in his eyes. Just lately he has been showing a much more dynamic personality, and being very chatty to other children, and even a random customer (male) at IKEA, so I decided he should have a haircut to match. However, I’m still too chicken to take him to a hairdresser, so we settled for a grade 8 all over with the clippers, à la Elise Plans.
Here are the “before” and “after” photos:

  1. Wow, A real boy. Thomas looks really grown up. I can’t wait to see him. It looks really good. Well done to all!!

  2. Heh, well, I have to admit it was a bit of a “hit-and-hope” type situation. I almost had my eyes closed – like at the Hanger Lane Gyratory!