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I have a friend in Tel Aviv who has twins, a boy and a girl, who have just had their 3rd birthday. It got me thinking a lot about siblings and the implications of twins, and just how different a person can be over 18 months in minute detail. What I mean is, the mummy I was when Thomas was 6 months is a very different mummy to the mummy I was when Oliver was 6 months. This may all sound very obvious but in relation to most adults who know me, I probably don’t seem that different from 1 year to the next (a few more grey hairs and wrinkles excepted!). Anyway, I tied myself in knots thinking about it, especially in comparison to twins, where both children experience the same sort of mum at the same time.

I have since totally forgotten all about it, but decided to have a bit of fun with the GIMP which is essential free software on any Linux system, and actually I used it in windows too. Anyway:

Also, I started to get a bit fed up with a struggle I’m having in Ubuntu. However, I booted into Windows for a few minutes to recover some itunes tracks, and hated it intensely, after mere seconds! It made me reboot just because I’d plugged in a flash drive – I mean, isn’t that ridiculous? I may have to buckle under intense pressure from certain family members and use a Mac.

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