Happy hurdles!

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Well, some exciting things have happened lately. I’ve met someone at a toddler group who I like and hope to build a friendship with. On Thursday, Thomas was at his bedstemor & bedstefar’s for the night, so David stayed home with Ollie while I went to the pub by myself with a New Scientist, and had a couple of pints. It was total bliss. The pub I have picked is the The Queen’s Head in Uxbridge UB8 1AB which is a perfect “regulars” pub. The bar staff have middle-class accents, and the locals were discussing who did the first heart transplant, and another couple of lads were talking about playing Mahler’s fifth. I think I shall be very happy there, once I’ve become part of the furniture.

Also, for the first time since Ollie was born, 7.5 months ago, we asked my mum and dad to babysit so David & I could go out. It was only the third time David and I have been out together since Thomas was born in 2005! We had a quick pint at the aforementioned pub and then went to see The Golden Compass which is based on the first book of a mind-blowing trilogy by Philip Pullman called “His Dark Materials”. The film was pretty good, especially the Ice-bear, though I feel that we are already too used to clever CGI to be too impressed these days.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time even with the wierdness of being out “on a date” with each other again!

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