language aquisition

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So Thomas has moved up a stage in his speech. Apparently all kids begin speaking with correct grammar as they simply copy adults, but then when they start to think and rationalise the words, they try out words which seem logical but are incorrect like “I see’ed it” “I did bought it”. Well Thomas keeps saying “No! It’s my’s!” where he used to say “it’s mine!”. He also says “me’s” sometimes. And he has been experimenting with “she’s” instead of “hers” and various past tenses. Actually he has been doing this for a few weeks now, but I haven’t got around to reporting it! He often says to me “Daddy and I bought it for you at Tesco’s”. He also spots supermarket logos EVERYWHERE! “You got this at Morrisson’s, I think?” he says. He also showed me up at Tiny Talk by saying “That T-shirt came from Tesco’s!” Thank goodness his obsession with Ikea seems to be waning.

He is also becoming more naughty, or at least sticking to his guns and flagrantly says “NO!” if he doesn’t want to do something you asked him to do. He also threw a tantrum in town the other day, where he transfomed into a small demon in front of my eyes – he completely changed in appearance and everything! Luckily I was so baffled that I was totally calm, and just got him outside into fresh air and talked to him calmly. When it subsided, it was as if nothing had happened!

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