So, couple of down points first. I’m still poorly, my throat is still sore enough to drive me to the painkillers when I can’t bear it any more. My eyes have also become a bit gunky in the mornings. My GP tells me I’ve just been unlucky with viruses – no kidding. However, Ollie has been off colour and he has quite bad green gunk in his eyes when he wakes up after his sleeps now too, which is more upsetting.

Thomas said “I hate you!” already, which I wasn’t expecting til he was older, but we think he’s picked it up from “Finding Nemo”. And to be fair, I was trying to make him take a nap, which for Thomas is the worst evil known to mankind, so I can understand why he felt so strongly about it.

So on the upsides, for David’s impending birthday, we got a Nintendo Wii yesterday. We’ve had to hook it up to the iMac using composite video, which isn’t very good quality, but actually it’s good enough. I had a quick search to see what other people have done, and you can buy a Wii S-video cable, which will plug into our Eye TV Hybrid USB device, which we are going to try next, but we couldn’t find the cable in the stores, so that’ll have to be an online thing. The graphics is already awsome, but that should make it even better. Thomas loves it of course, and David actually wept at it’s beauty…

Also, Ollie is starting to be a bit braver with taking steps, though it’s still more of a stagger to the next handhold at the moment.

And finally, the best bit, the warm weather has helped a lot with everything, so we even got the paddling-pool out today:

Row row row your boat:

I couldn’t decide which of these next two was the best one to blog, so here’s both:


And Ollie gets philosophical drying out in the sun:

  1. this looks like so much fun!! makes me look forwards to this sort of thing with Freddie! sorry to hear you’re still ill. throat still hurting? have you got strep throat or tracheitis? maybe ask GP for a swab if it still not getting better..