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Ollie just said “bus” so I thought i’d list his vocabulary, as a record, as he’ll be 18 months in just over a week:
car, down, three, four, Daddy, Mumm-ay., tree, ball. eeeyuare (here you are), ereyuare (there you are). Castle, cuddle, bubble and shoe. These are all clearly discernible, used often. He will attempt to say lots of other words, like “table” but it really doesn’t come out right! He will also say “woof, mieow, and meeeerowwwwwww” instead of dog, cat and aeroplane.

Thomas uses “but, mum, that’s not the point” when I tell him off, or try to explain why he can’t do something. If he gets really angry with me, he “calls the police” and tells me that he’s asked a policeman to come and tell me off. Or sometimes he puts me in prison. He’s very receptive to taking deep breaths to calm down, and sometimes i can distract him by making him “blow out candles” where he has to blow on my fingers, and I let each one fall as he blows it out. Just another deep breathing technique.

A funny discussion we had today when Thomas was playing in his room: “mum, there’s scary hands in my room” me: “really, whereabouts?” Thomas: “on the wall, i’m scared – scary hands.” I have to admit that at this point, having avoided “Amytiville Horror” and other horror films on the grounds that they were too scary, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up a bit. Me: “I think you are using your imagination – would mummy be able to see them if she came into your room?” Thomas: “yes, come and see!” So I followed him into his room, and sure enough, there were scary hands on the wall! But they were shadows cast from a toy that was hanging off a shelf. I showed him where the shadow came from and explained that it was just like in “The Gruffalo’s Child” with the Big Bad Mouse. Phew.

  1. I wrote a good comment but I fudged the security code. Waaaaaaaa! No fair!

    Will try to recreate…

    FOA, where is your son getting phrases like “but what is your point” and “call the police”? Hmmm? From someone not too far away I’ll wager. As for my own kids, they live in a lawless state and I’m pretty sure have no idea of the function of the police in society. Frankly, I myself am not sure what they do. They seem to be himbos and morroccan bimbos in tight plue trousers who make wacky traffic diversions, pull me over for no good reason other than I have just the right kind of face (alright alright and the one time I blew a stop sign), and to lose convicted serial rascists.

    That said, I was once asked at the kindergarten, what is “nee-naw nee-naw nee-naw?” because the kids had taught all the other kids to run around shouting it. And I was like “well, its the police, isn’t it?”. And then they gave me a look that said “9 years in this country and you haven’t noticed that the police go wee-wee-wee-wee-wee-wee-wee?”.

    The one thing the kids have learned from me is that I well, I sort of accidentally taught the kids to call the hub a gorilla. They have no qualms about saying (proudly) “My dad’s a gorilla”. Guilty. As. Charged.


  2. For the record, I never know what sound to make for police cars any more, so I get them all mixed up and sound like an electronic donkey. Further evidence of my sonic mis-matching is the fact that Ollie is the only toddler who points at ducks and roars like a little lion… I think he was trying to imitate my realistic duck noises, but I wish I’d stuck to quack quack, like sensible and more experienced mothers.