So, as promised, we took the boys to the science museum, as Thomas’ birthday treat. In true toddler-style, the train journey itself was exciting enough, but even though Thomas has a fever at the moment, he had a really good day. We kept it simple, planning only to visit the under-6s section in the basement, and the Launch Pad.

Ollie seemed a bit overwhelmed to begin with, but soon settled down to something familiar,

Then really got into it!

Then we sneaked over to the Natural History Museum to show Thomas the dinosaur. He’s really enjoyed “Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs: Missing Treasure!” which has also prompted an interest in skeletons. I took it too far though, when I went on to try and explain circulation as well, and now he’s convinced the end of his finger will turn black and fall off. Anyway, we were going to go through the whole dinosaur exhibition, but it was so crowded and claustrophobic, that I figured for what he was going to get from it, it wasn’t worth putting ourselves through it. Still he was satisfied enough with the ones he did see, and even posed next to Darwin purely for my satisfaction.

  1. This might be a good idea for where to meet with our children in the winter…?