A long long time ago I worked for Social Services taking kids out for fun days and stuff in the holidays. Somewhere in a dark dusty cupboard in my brain, I remembered a lovely place with a fantastic outdoor paddling pool where we had once taken some of the kids. Somehow, we managed to find it again. My mum was driving, and thankfully patient with the last fiddly bit where we ended up in small car parks until we found the right place!

It was absolutely as brilliant as I’d remembered it, only quieter, as we got there at 10.30 and it’s not the holidays.


Even bedstemor had a paddle:

In other news, the final stages of our big move have been set into motion. David managed to sell my car on ebay for me for £450! It was a terrible experience for him, which I will leave for him to tell, but he came out alive, and thankfully it’s now all sorted. He has now landed in Boston and is making his way to Hanover on the Dartmouth shuttle bus. I’m waiting to hear about the house, our stuff and our new car.

Ollie is really talking away now – I think he will also be as chatty as Thomas, in which case I’m going to start wearing an ipod during the day. When I was asking them to help put the toys away, Thomas turned around and said, “Mum, you’re treating us like servants!”

  1. I didn’t notice the fat woman in the picture while we were there.

  2. ooh more info please -this is somewhere Fred could go when he’s at my folks.. looks lovely!

  3. Hey! I remember this place! The last time I went there though it was green and there were skye boat men on the water. Good to see they’ve cleaned it up!