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As we are about to leave, we decided to rush around doing all the touristy things we wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. As I said to David, the most comfortable place to be a tourist is in your own patch.

David and I managed to go clubbing thanks to some great friends who got us organised. We had a fantastic night at “Matter” at the O2, and got to see Tom Middleton and Moby, but missed Trentemøller through being too old and having young kids. We still had a fantastic time, and on the way home the next morning took our trip on the London Eye, in case they finally decided on dismantling it before we’re back again!

Then on Friday last, we took the kids for a day out. Ollie is happy enough just to go on a train:

Just outside Waterloo:

We posed for photos on the river (especially the boys):

…and touristy ones:

…and silly ones:

We had lunch at the Giraffe on the South Bank, which the kids loved (for balloon purposes anyway). The took the ferry from Festival Pier to Greenwich. I’ve been wanting to go to the Royal Observatory for ages, so I’m glad we finally made it:
That was, obviously, the Prime Meridian, 0 degrees longitude, so Thomas and I had one foot in the East and one in the West.
We actually took hundreds of photos, but I’ll put them all up some other time.

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