Yesterday, I walked past a pub where I’d spent my 21st birthday. I was suddenly filled with feelings of guilt when I realised what a horrifically long time ago it was…! All this moaning about how I’m too young to have to knuckle down and behave like a grown-up, well it trurns out, I’ve grown up without noticing. Thankfully I was never hedonistic-above-all-else, but now that the kids are slightly more independent, I’m remembering the things I did with my time before I was constantly dealing with nappies, sick, healthy eating and dribble, and I want to do them again!

This has all sprung to the front of my mind as I’ve just had another birthday, we went out for lunch:

Then I got tea and cake and G&Ts on the terrace with Viv and Len, who are people I never get to spend as much time with as I would like to, so that was a real treat. I even got taken out for dinner by Aunty Jo, so really I couldn’t have had a better birthday.

Today we took Ollie, and dragged Thomas to see a steam railway. We did have a good time, and the boys were quite interested in the train, but ultimately they were a bit too young for this trip. Now that we know the layout and which stations are good for a picnic, we can plan our next visit if Ollie continues his passion for trains.




  1. is this steam train also in the guildford area? you need to give me all this info now you are discovering it all! Fred loves trains too – just got into the Choo Choo noise!

  2. Hi Rosie,

    The Guildford paddling pool is classed as Stoke Park, but it’s actually behind Guildford Tech College on Stoke Road. Look here: http://tiny.cc/lttSH you can see it on google maps satellite image. For parking, park in the student car park at the far back right-hand corner. We weren’t really sure about this parking but everyone else says they do it, and there’s a specially-made exit from the car park to the paddling pool. There’s also a big play area on your right as you go in. I think it’s officially called “Stoke Park Gardens”.

  3. The Watercress line is something my mum found out about. It runs between Alton and Allesborough, so a bit further away. There’s also something called the Bluebell line, which might be worth a google.

    The best place in the world is the Lookout Centre in Bracknell, or really just outside Bracknell. It’s really easy to get to, details at the bottom of this page: http://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/lookout . The centre does charge for you to go in and use the science bit – which is absolutely brilliant, and has a small under-fives section. But the outside play area is free, and there are woods to walk or bike around, and a large picnic area. The only reason I haven’t posted about it yet, is because I took so many pictures to sort through!